R15 V3 Ceramic Coating at Home | Full process | step by step | -Infoinsta #Vlog-14

Hello Guys!!
This is Vinay from InfoInsta Today i am going to show you
How you can do Ceramic Coating at Home you can do this on you bike or Car
and we will see what result we get Want to see Unboxing and How to get it ? Tap on Top-Right Link or check Description I have seperate video on Unboxing and Application as well, Dont Forget to check it out So we need two Glass Cleaning Clothes One For applying Coating One for Cleaning After Coating is dried Lets Get Started Now I will Wash Bike with Shampoo after Washing i will Dry it off with MicroFiber Towel Mix Hair Shampoo with water i will use microfiber towel to Wipe out leftover and Dry it Bike has been Washed We will take Glass cleaning cloth and will Pour 4-5 Drops of Autocare Ceramic Coating and we wil keep pouring drop as soon as it dries Let us apply it After waiting or 10 minutes We have to clean Left over with a dry cloth or glass cleaning cloth you can see outcome
Bike is shining like a mirror Let us Check with Different Angles Let us see the Outcome Want to how to buy it ? Link given in Description Check Video link coming on Top Right as well if you have any queries..Comment down below Don’t forget to like and subscribe this is vinay from infoinsta
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