QUT Science and Engineering automotive study tour to China and Japan

Amy: So I’m sitting on an aeroplane, and we
just landed in Shanghai. Amy: So we’ve just been to the BMW factory
and now we are wandering around in Nuan (0:38) park, and we’re on this bridge.
Person 2: We’re on the lucky bridge. Person 3: Lucky, lucky bridge.
Amy: So apparently if you walk across this bridge it’s good luck, and there’s these really
pretty, more traditional, I guess, older style buildings around here. Yeah, lunch time.
Person 4: Chinese way of crossing the road is you walked, I walked, across it even though
it’s a red light, everybody will follow. You have a try.
Amy: No thanks. Amy: We’re walking around Tongji University
at the moment, we’ve just checked out the FSA teams and we now have to eat.
Person 2: Let’s go eat. Andy: Let’s go.
Amy: This is our friend Andy. Hi Andy. Andy: Hi.
Person 2: Say hello. Andy: Hello.
Amy: Yeah, having a good day at Tongji. Person 3: They just get it going, wait for
momentum to start going down and they kick the engine up again and accelerate a little
higher, and they do it again and again and again until they cover two and a half thousand
metres. See yeah, check that out, that’s amazing. Amy: This evening’s adventures include catching
a train and going for a hunt for the bunt walking around town.
Amy: What are we thinking of Shanghai? Something (2:10)?
Person 5: Awesome. Person 2: Pretty spectacular.
Amy: Where are we? Multiple people: Tokyo.
Amy: We’ve managed to find a cute little Japanese, soupy type thing, so, tastes pretty good.
Looking forward to finding some sushi tomorrow, and yeah, going to the motor show.
Amy: I know so many people who are going to be jealous of this right now.
Amy: It’s been a pretty short trip. Person 5: Yeah it has.
Amy: Enjoyed it? Person 5: A lot.
Amy: Yeah? Going to come back? Person 5: Nah. Yeah. Beijing, and Tokyo again.