QUICK LOOK: Honda HR-V Mugen Limited Edition – RM118,800

Here we have the new
Honda HR-V Mugen Limited Edition It’s limited to just 1,020 units in
Malaysia, and it’s priced at RM118,800 That’s on-the-road, without insurance Compared to the top spec V variant,
that’s about RM1,400 more, so for that much money you get quite a lot of kit. At the front here you get a Mugen grille and there’s a big gray under spoiler.
On the side, you get an extension to the front spoiler – side skirts
as well as a Mugen badge on both sides You also get these Mugen stickers On the back you get two piece at the bottom is another grey under spoiler and
at the top, silver spoiler This is an extension of the normal spoiler Here’s the list of everything that you get for an extra RM1,400 At the bottom there you can see that this is exclusive to just two colours which is this Dark Ruby Red here as well
as the optional Orchid White Pearl That being a special colour, that will cost you RM300 extra But I’m not sure if the silver
spoiler will stand out as much on a white car compared to this red car. On the inside
you’ll still get a few extras but it’s not very significant. You can see over
there there’s a small little Mugen logo there and the carpets have
got very subtle red lining all around them Other than that, that it’s pretty much exactly the same
as what you have seen before – Honda HR-V A very practical B-segment
crossover, huge space in the back, big boot 1.8 litre NA engine with a CVT
transmission, all very decent indeed Let us know what you think about this new
Honda HR-V Mugen Limited Edition Do you the way it looks?
Do you like how it’s priced – not that much of a big jump compared to the
normal HR-V V variant Let us know in the
comments below This is me Hafriz Shah from paultan.org, thank you for watching