Q&A Can I Paint On Top of POR 15?

– Can I use a top coat
paint on top of POR-15? Hey out there YouTube, Donny Smith here and I was asked a question about POR-15. If you don’t know what that is, it’ s just a product that you put on metal just to help for corrosion
protection and things like that. But can you put top coats on top of it? So the question is, “Do you paint under the car also, “and can you drive it in the
winter if you want then?” And a little bit about POR-15. Excellent product, it works really well, especially for the restoration guys. If it’s not gonna see sun, it’s really sensitive to UV. If the surface is gonna
be exposed to sunlight, it really needs to be top coated. However, you know, in
the inch compartment, under the car like you’re asking about, you probably wouldn’t have to. But if you wanted to paint it I’d go ahead and do that. I know one of my restoration friends here has a shop here that does restoration, and I know that he uses POR-15
and then he paints on it. Probably to have the different colors, maybe they didn’t want the
matte black or whatever, but would you have to underneath the car? I wouldn’t think so unless
you’re wanting a different color or something cause you’re really not gonna see sunlight under there. But anywhere UV hit is
it’s gonna break it down and it’s gonna not work well. And as far as driving it in the winter, I probably wouldn’t worry about that. It’d probably be fine
to drive in the winter just with this project,
or with any of your cars. Be sure and spray all
the mud and the salt, whatever, get that stuff off your frame, out of your wheel well,
cause that’s what starts rusting things to begin with and that can go for a new car or for a restoration project as well, but always a good idea,
when driving in the winter, you know, you get snow or mud
or water and all that stuff thrown up under your car
and it just stays there, and stays packed in these
areas that start rusting. As long as you keep it clean under there, I think you should be fine
to drive it in the winter whether you top coat
it with a paint or not. As far as the product itself, I think it works great. I love it. You know I’ve used it on a
couple my project that I have, my older restoration type projects. Anyway, I hope that helps
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