Public Transportation

Doug: Okay Tyler, today I’d you to use your
cane and find an unfamiliar bus stop. Tyler: Okay.
Doug: A bus stop could be on a pole or a bus shelter. Correct.
Tyler: Yes it could. Doug: What kind of pole is that?
Tyler: It is a telephone pole. Doug: Okay and would you find bus stop signs
on a telephone pole usually in city? Tyler: No, not really.
Doug: No, sometimes in rural areas. Tyler: Yes.
Doug: Are you checking both sides of your body because your not sure where that bus
stop is going to be? Tyler: Right. Doug: What are you listening for there?
Tyler: I hear and echo. Doug: Tyler, what did you find with your cane?
Tyler: I found a bench. Doug: A bus shelter?
Tyler: Yes. Doug: Can you show us the proper way to wait
for the bus? Tyler: Sure.
Doug: I notice you are facing the street. Why is that important?
Tyler: Well because, if you’re a blind rider you’ll need to be standing in front of the
shelter so that the bus driver can see you and know for you to stop.
Doug: Because you can hear the bus approaching but the driver needs see that you are waiting
for the bus. Tyler: Yes.
Doug: How long do we have until the next bus? Tyler: (checking watch.) About 5 minutes.
Doug: Is it good to be early for the bus? Tyler: Yes, because your bus driver could
be ahead of schedule. Doug: Very good, so five minutes early to
every bus stop is a good sign. Doug: Okay, today Tyler, I’d want you to
show us how you use your cane using the trailing or shoreline technique.
Tyler: Okay Doug: Along the curb on the parallel street
to our left find the raised sidewalk. Okay? Tyler: Okay
Doug: So you are going to be using your cane from your right side sweeping over to your
left, finding the curb and looking for that raised sidewalk.
Tyler: uh-huh Doug: raised crosswalk
Tyler: gotcha. Doug: What did you find right there?
Tyler: Grass Doug: Grass and the curb?
Tyler: There’s still a curb there. Doug: okay Doug: Keep looking. Following that curb?
Tyler: Uh-huh. Doug: What did you find there?
Tyler: Telephone pole. Doug: Okay- keep looking with your cane. Doug: What happened to our curb?
Tyler: It vanished Doug: Okay so it’s a crosswalk
Tyler: Uh-huh Doug: so turn and face your street. Walk up
to the detectable warnings. Now these are colored yellow, which is important for people
with low vision. Can you feel these with your cane? Okay, now put your cane in the waiting
position. Now show us how you cross the street. Doug: Is it clear? Now go ahead and cross.