Prototyping and 3D Printing Automotive Parts for Hellcat at SEMA 2017 – Side Vent, Episode 5

With SEMA only a few days away, the Wolfpack
is working around the clock to prepare the world’s most 3d printed hellcat. We want to share the progress with you and
today’s part is side air vent. We designed this part in SOLIDWORKS and made
a few versions along the way. As part of the prototyping process its not
uncommon to dozen interations that we quickly print using draft settings. It was decided to make the fins taller for
a more visual impact and to vent all that heat generated by 707 horse power engine. The part was designed in such a way that it
requires no support material. It was 3d printed in black ABS with a standard
AXIOM 3D printer. We used Wolfbite Adhesive to get the part
to adhere to the bed. As you can see the final part is beautiful
and it requires no post processing. This part can go directly from the 3D printer
into the car. Come and see this and other amazing 3D printed
parts on the World’s most 3d printed Hellcat at booth number 15011.