Protecting Your Car’s Paint on the Track – /DRIVE MOMENTS

What’s up guys? Larry here from “Drive Clean.”
Today I’m at Monticello Motor Club, and I’m working with the
TRG Aston Martin race team. And we’re talking about how to
prep your paint before you go out on the track. Now, this summer we’re going to
have 13 episodes of “Drive Clean,” so stay tuned. All right, so we’re working
on our TRG race car. And a lot of times, I get a
bunch of questions from people asking, what do I do to protect
my paint before I go out on the track? Now, as you can see, we’ve got
about five minutes to do this. So I’ll talk real fast. First thing you want to do,
which is the cheapest and the quickest way, is to put sealant
all over the car. The reason why you want to do
that is, it makes it easier to clean when you get back
from the track, including the wheels. So this is a high impact area. Behind the front wheels and
behind the rear wheels, you’re going to get lots of
rubber and dirt. So you want to have some
sealant on your car. Now, if you want to go up to the
next stage, what you see is, a lot of people put
tape on their car. But the problem is, it doesn’t
really look that great. It does offer some protection. So you’ll see that
out on the track. But what if you want to
go another direction? One the big things I like
to do– this is called Plasti-Dip. This is $5 or $6
at Home Depot. Now what you can do is, you find
a spot– now, generally, the front of the car. And like I said, behind the
front and rear wheels– come in. And you can put a little
bit right here. And you can put multiple
coats on. And then, after the track
day, you literally just peel it off. And we’ll show some footage
of that once the car comes back in. And one of the big things here
is to decide between– a lot of guys I see
use duct tape which is kind of permanent. And when you pull it off, one of
the bad things is, as soon as you pull it off, you actually
pull some paint off. So be careful when
you’re choosing. Lastly, the most expensive one
is, of course, Clear Bra. See how thick that is? Now a lot of guys are
familiar with this. This can run $800 to $2,500
based on how much you put on the car. This is the best thing that
you can do at the track. But like I said,
it’s expensive. And it’s very hard to put on. You have to be sort of
an artist to do it. But these are a few little
tricks on how to protect your car is when you’re going
to the track. All right, just to show you some
contrast, I’m actually going to put PlastiDip on
this blue car here. In a few minutes, we’ll go out
for a drive on this and then peel it off. Now the reason why I picked
black is, the car was black. Now, if you have a blue car,
pick blue, and so on. So give us a few minutes,
and we’ll peel it off. Once you’re done with the track
day, you just come home. And you pick up a little edge
just like this and slowly work the PlastiDip off. See how the underneath
looks just fine? Peel it and finish the rest of
the car, and you’re all set. Can’t beat that. There you go. Now, this has got all
the track dust, and dirt, and rocks. And you just protected
your car for $5. Pretty good to me.