Program Spotlight: Automotive Engineering Technology

The automotive area is an ever-evolving
area in the transportation industry. So, in order to keep up with times we
constantly are updating our tools and in-tool inventory and on the specialty side
and making sure that our student tool lists is up-to-date so they can be
efficient when they leave the program. Automotive service technology to me is a
learning experience. It is broadening my horizons, it’s always
knowing that I can learn more and humbling really because a lot of people
come in here and they think they know it all and then they get a reality check
they’re like wow there’s so much more than I can learn. It’s really cool the things that you can learn here. We have a two-year degree
with an auto service. We offer a four-year degree in AET or automotive
engineering technology. We have several certificates that you can get into the
automotive field whether it be high-performance machine or engine
design. Those types of things are what’s applied here at Ferris. It’s a
program that teaches a lot about how to integrate our studies with the business
background into the automotive so when we go into the workforce later we can
actually know what we’re talking about. In class we do a lot of hands-on work
the professor’s know that most of us are hands-on learners. We don’t like to sit
at desks and read books. We like to get into labs and get our hands dirty and
maybe break some stuff you know I’m in the process. It’s 50% classroom 50%
hands-on. Even our AET degree and the class is done in-house all of them are
with a lab and with a lecture so it’s not all theory we’re just not crunching
numbers here we’re actually applying it. I’ve been in the automotive management
student organization which has helped me a lot like I got to go out to SEMA with
that group which was a lot of fun. It’s the world’s biggest spender car show. So
we have three RSOs here on site actually four we have we have the Baja team which is ASE Baja we have the ASC formula team and we also have the EASE hybrid team not to mention our car club the Bulldog car
club. It’s definitely opened a lot of doors for me in the automotive world
I’ve met a lot of people through the program and from having info sessions
and stuff. When I graduate I’d like to be an engineer and pester of products I’d
like to be sort of half hands-on half of the desk I don’t want to spend all my
time filing through papers and a computer I’d like to be local hands-on. We have a vast amount of of alumni that are out in the field right now working
in different areas you’d be absolutely surprised. We have them in
General Motors Ford Chrysler all the way up to the top. Personally after I
graduate I’d like to work at a dealership for a couple of years selling
cars and trying to get in with the flow of that and then I’d like to open my own
use car dealership. Testing is really what I’d like to do I’m striving for
position at Toyota because I’m huge Toyota fan but
otherwise any sort of testing of products and engineering is cool. I
am alumni of this program. I ended up as a teacher here at Ferris and the
reason for that is is because I believe in the program so much that I actually
want to stand behind it and help and help students and help guys looking to
obtain a good career in the automotive field. Students have many many
opportunities that normally wouldn’t be they would never have unless they wouldn’t have came here. Contacts are made handshakes are done and then jobs are open for