Professor Hongming Xu, Chair in Energy and Automotive Engineering

My name is Hongming Xu, I’m Professor of Energy
and Automotive Engineering in the School of Mechanical Engineering. Before I joined the University of Birmingham
in 2005, I was a technical specialist in Jaguar and Land Rover in advanced research of compulsion
and engines. My current research area is in future fuels, combustion and engine technology,
looking to advanced alternatives for renewable energy supplies and also for advanced combustion
systems for more and more clean, and more and more efficient engines. My knowledge of
science came from research in the first place, so education is providing the knowledge, generated
by research and feedback to the society and provides the knowledge to the students. I’m a member of the China Institute at the
university. We plan various activities for communication with China and I welcome visit
from China, so I am a visiting Professor in Tsinghua University and with this leading
university we are benefiting from the communication with our colleagues in different research
and teaching fields.