Process cost reduction in Automobile industry part 4 | Machine Tap Selection |

Hi friends! good morning namskaar sat shri akaal Adaab Mr. Davinder Sharma tooling expert is available with us for tech discussion he having good knowledge and experience of automobile industries we have different topic today as we have already published one video with Mr.Shrama regarding process cost reduction in factory So we have to discuss Tapping operation today as we know tapping operation is used to make threaded hole to screwed with other part so Mr. Sharma is going to share the methodology to select the tap for component yes Mr.Shrama Namaskaar to everyone we have discussion today regarding Tap selection most of parts we manufacturing with threaded hole but tapping operation is ignored or misunderstood during selection generally it is checked what is the pitch of tap , hole size for tapping and chamffer on hole but there is so many implicates to consider during selection we can classify the taps in this way if it has to done on the basis of component we want to manufacture it is impotent to check first what is the material of the component we can determine the types of chips which is important in selection of tap and chips evacuation is also critical matter of concern ok, Sharma it is depend on material of part to selection 2nd criteria is type of hole pre-hole is a blind hole or through hole it is also impotent parameter to take in consideration during tap selection if i talk about the material as cast iron, there is sort chips generation in this case we recommend straight flute Tap this tap can’t do chips evacuation, so small chips will accommodate
in both types of hole that is blind or through now it is turn of steel to discuss if the hole is through then we have option of straight flute tap another option is spiral point Tap flute has straight in this Tap but the chamffer have light flute or we also said spiral point we normally recommend this Tap for Through hole this push chips to downward direction during operation instead of upward in blind hole, this type is not feasible to use because in steel chips generation is curly and long if you load spiral point tap, chips will jam and there may be chance of breakage so it is recommended spiral Tap spiral tap allow the chips to move upward these are important point to consider during selection now it is also important material of Tap if i broadly classify Tap HSS material Tap starts with M2 Grade material this is beginning grade of HSS Material M35 is generally used in industry to manufacturing Tap there is 5% cobalt in M35 Grade so cobalt promote the life and consistency and also operate at better parameter of Tap wear out rate is also better Tap will give better life in terms of meters please tell but is the optimum life of tap in terms of meters in cast iron it may be 100meters cast iron is highly machinable material in steal , it is depend what is hardness if normal or soft steel life varies between 40 to 50 meters maximum is only 40 or 50 meters this for hardened material or soft No this for soft grade it decrease in harden grade material to 15 meters only this is general numbers or by experience calculated so for hardened grade you may recommend another tap with better grade it may costly but cost per component cheaper after M35 there is better grade is M42 in this cobalt % is increased to 8% to 10% you can get better life on that Tap beyond these grade , powdered metallurgical grades are available these also give better performace and life