PRO Design Side Window Visor Install – Honda Civic 2016 2017 10th Gen

Hey whats up guys, this is Rudy from Pro Civic
and in front of me here, I have the Pro Design side window visors for the 10th Gen Civics. Now this is specifically gonna be installed
on a sedan so it consists of a total of 4 pieces, these particular ones have inserts
or clips that will help hold the visors to the window or door frame. Pretty straight forward install, should only
take maybe about an hour or so, if you’ve never done anything like this, I’m sure you
will be able to do so after watching this video so lets go ahead and get right into
it and show you whats involved. Starting with the front visor, well mock it
up for fitment just to give us an idea where were gonna locate the retaining clips and
also where were gonna clean the surface for the tape to adhere to. It helps to have the ignition on that was
you can raise and lower the windows, in this case starting off you can see we have the
windows lowered. Raising the window up a bit will put the slightest
tension on the clips just to hold them in place while we clear the mounting surface
and prep the side visor. Now we can go ahead and use some rubbing alcohol,
maybe a specialty grease and wax remover. Now that the clips are in the proper location
and the surface has been cleaned, we went ahead and adhered some take onto the visors
just to help hold them in place but we also removed some of the backing off of the double
sided tape. Now before we actually remove the backing
off of the double sided tape, well install the push pins onto the visors to clip them
onto the visor clips. When removing the backing off of the double
sided tape it might be a good idea to wedge your fingers behind the visor as you release
the tape that way the backing doesn’t break on you. Moving onto the rear, the process is nearly
identical. And that will do it for the installation of
the side window visors on our 10th gen civic project car. As you can see this is a sedan obviously so
there’s a total of four pieces with this kit. Installation only takes about an hour or two
depending on your experience and again you want to take your time, this is a visual kind
of appearance type of upgrade so the better you make it look, the more happy you are going
to be with the install or take it to a professional I’m sure they will be able to do it with no
problem and you could show them this video to see if its something they are willing to
do for you. Make sure to check out our other videos and
installs, subscribe to our channel and leave any questions or comments down below, make
sure to reach out to us,, if you have any questions about this part or
anything else and ill see you next time.