Présentation/Essai Routier :Opel Zafira 2.2L DTI 125ch 2003

Hello everyone I hope you’re fine, I’m fine today so it will be a video about my opel zafira that I had not presented since I bought it I did not do any general presentation of the car after washing rinse concerning the interior of the opel zafira I will put the contact here is contact is recently put I have a problem when I start the car I have an engine light that stays on because when we rolls and we exceed 110km / h the light reappears but when you drive at 80-90 km / h there is no problem and at 110 km/h or 130 km/h the car no longer has power so there is a big big problem on long distances so I would look at his opel to the bag and I’ll keep you posted on the item to change about this Default of the car so here’s this dashboard here finally the edge screen to start there is the command that controls the screen we see brake lining but I have a fault in the of the sensor fuel autonomy of the car the chrono and as well as the température extérieur 7.5° Celsius instant consumption and average consumption 6.9l/100km so I’m doing 6.9l/100km it’s true that that I do not do a lot of long ride overall I find that it does not consume much with a full I do about 700 km see about 750 km from time to time while driving fast here we can see that there is a glove box The air conditioning does not work I turn on the heat as it is here I turn it off the air conditioning compressor is dead an empty pocket here to break it’s a 5-speed box the handbrake that is fun and works very well on this car she has 7 places i will show you her to show you also the space that there is at the back of the car, for those who have already followed my videos you saw at the roof level that I repainted ,
because it was very damaging and I think I went around the car here is the speed controller that’s great I remember that it is the engine 2.2l dti 125 horses the lighting of the lights is here after that tell you more for this car she has 4 electric windows here we can adjust the mirror with this button she also has the anti-glare mirror, long live France ^^ there is this sensor here like her at night we are not dazzled by the lighthouse it allows us to be good at night to drive without being bothered about the seats at the back we will see his we can put 2 car seats here on each side a child of 10 or 12 years old at the back and it’s perfect to not be squeezed in the middle after 3 car seats in a row his pass but it’s really squeeze frankly makes it difficult to attach to his seat so to be able to take out the seats you have to move here and then we shoot on each seat handle and here it is sits already incorporate into the floor so it’s really convenient here a central armrest when the rear seat is lowering at the top it is to lower the seat and then that’s all now to put the seats back down we press here we catch the we raise we lean forward and here it is a flat floor after we raise I recoil it will give you an idea of ​​the trunk that has no additional 2 seat now for fathers of families with car seats install here is the space that remains in the middle another seat like it will pass well but one like his with the edge is embarrassing it is a little tight especially when you want to tie down it’s going to bother you on the side but his return but difficult voila les amis je pense que j’ai fait le tour un peu de la voiture now I will go to the outside part I will film it then test drive I hope you enjoy this video it’s cold frankly this car is really top it’s a 2.2 liter 125 horsepower this is the minimum engine to have for this model of car because there are models of this car with a smaller power it must be slow but the one it is what he needs in power with 150 horses it will have been perfect but hey we always want more she would have been top so as I said a quick turn of the car quick presentation of the engine a test drive and after it will be the end of the video Let’s go we’ll do a quick tour of the car I recall it a 2.2 liter DTI 125 horses with rims equipped in 17 inches with 225/45 R17 I really like this place it is very beautiful to look at now we’re going to look at the biggest engine of its diesel range 2.2 liter dti must I change its break the video is almost finished subscribe for more videos good friends this video ends here we meet for future videos but ciao