Postharvest Loss: Bag Transportation in English (accent from USA)

It is very important
to take the proper precautions when transporting bags of grain or seeds. Sharp objects or surfaces with sharp edges
can rip and tear your bags open. This will result in loss of the product. Before beginning the load operation, one must ensure that the truck bed
is clean and free of previous residues. Holes or cracks in the floor
or on the rails should be repaired. Load the bags throughout the box uniformly. Avoid overloading the truck. When transporting bags
of grain or seed that are uncovered, you face losing part of the product. The bags can be attacked
or contaminated by birds if not covered. They can also be rained on if not covered. These will both result in loss of the product. You need to cover the bags
with a tarp to protect your product. One must install strips, made of metal,
wood or bamboo on top of the box so that the sheet forms a cover
that avoids the accumulation of water, which may eventually leak into the load. Any cracks or holes in the tarp
should be repaired. Covers must be extended
from the top of the load over the strips and cover one third
of the side of the truck box. The cover should be tied tightly
to the grips on the rail with ties or straps. During the trip, one must make regular stops to check
the status of the cargo and the tarp, and if necessary rearrange the load
and adjust the moorings of the tarp. To ensure the safe and
efficient transportation of your bags, please take these precautions.