Portable Electric Vehicle Charging for Roadside Assistance Providers

Picture this. You’re driving down a lonely road one night
when suddenly your electric vehicle stops. You’re out of battery,
and nowhere near your destination or a charging station Guess it’s time to call a tow truck. That’ll take about at least half an hour
to get there. Then you’ll have to ride along to the nearest
charging station. Then you’ll still have to continue waiting
until your car receives the appropriate amount of charge. This is of course, if a charging station is
accessible and not being used, blocked, or broken down. Needless to say, it will take a few hours
until you’re back on the road again. What if there was a way to avoid this dilemma? Well, there is. SparkCharge’s portable, ultrafast EV charging
unit makes it possible to receive a level 3 charge anytime, anywhere. SparkCharge is partnering with service providers
to end range anxiety for EV owners by bringing the charge to you when you need it most. Instead of towing a dead electric vehicle
to the nearest charging station, roadside assistance providers can now simply send a
service van with our charging unit to provide the necessary amount of range to the EV. Not only will you be able to receive this
charge anywhere, but you won’t end up spending hours waiting for a full battery. Our charging unit gives your EV 1 mile of
range every for every 60 seconds of charging, allowing you to go farther faster. Lead the Charge with SparkCharge and end range
anxiety today.