Port of San Diego Celebrates Arrival of Fiat Automobiles

3, 2, 1 Go! The first shipments of Fiat automobiles to the West Coast
arrived at the Port of San Diego’s National City Marine Terminal on Thursday, July 18, 2013. “It’s a proud day for the region. It’s a proud
day for the Port, and for Pasha Automotive. As you know Fiat
is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and we’re excited to be part of their
expansion here in the United States.” Pasha Automotive Services, operator of
the 135-acre terminal, signed a three-year contract for the
receiving processing, and distribution up the Fiat
brand of vehicles. “San Diego will be the only West
Coast point of entry for Fiat and as you can imagine each car that
rolls off brings a positive economic impact to the region.” Once the cars are
offloaded and processed, they will be trucked by Pasha
Distribution Services to dealers throughout the Western United
States. “Chrysler for us has been a tremendous partner they were the first
customer to sign on with the Jeanne Anne, a very unprecedented 10-year
deal that allowed us to compete in the
Hawaii trade. They’ve been a phenomenal partner and
we’re very happy that now they’re able to break into the market with this exciting
product. It’s a lot of wonderful news for our local economy
here, and there’s a whole lot we do with the
terminal here, serving the Department of Defense, serving all of our auto customers, and a
great day to see the Fiats come through.” In 2012 some 330,000 vehicles were imported to the National City
Marine Terminal and processed by Pasha Automotive
Services. Pasha is experiencing record growth, as
sales of imports in the United States continue to increase. “Just recently Pasha has signed a 30-year marine
terminal operating agreement for the National City Terminal. They’ve committed to more than $10 million
dollars in investment over those years, and the proceeds and revenues of this arrangement, will be put back
into National City and other Port cities around the Big Bay.” Senior Vice
President John Pasha shared a fun fact about National City
and its historic ties with the auto industry. “If you don’t know,
the Mile of Cars was the first auto row in the country to be established, so it’s only fitting that the first Fiats
will come through here and be available just down the street for purchase.”