Plex for Automotive Operational Excellence

Is your legacy ERP system holding you back? Was it built for manufacturing? Does it enable operational excellence? Does it give you IT freedom? Plex has broken the shackles of legacy ERP
by bringing best-in-class manufacturing functionality to the cloud without the cost, upkeep, and
baggage associated with traditional on-premise business software. But the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is more than
an ERP solution, it spans your entire manufacturing business with complete shop floor MES solutions
seamlessly integrated with top floor business management tools for unprecedented operational
excellence that supports automotive manufacturing suppliers. Built for Manufacturers
Plex was designed around the concepts of Lean thinking and is ideally suited for automotive
parts manufacturers with inventory management, and quality built-in, not bolted on, to provide
error-proof manufacturing execution and real-time manufacturing intelligence for automotive
suppliers. Customers report:
100% inventory accuracy, 60% reduction in scrap, 20% improvement in first-pass quality,
Enables Operational Excellence. Plex enables your operational, financial,
and IT strategy in ways that traditional ERP cannot. With everyone using a single source of truth,
you have instant visibility to real-time manufacturing AND financial intelligence for more rapid,
effective, decision-making. Customers enjoy 50% less paperwork, 50% lower
manual labor, 30% improvement in operational efficiency
Gives You IT Freedom Plex’s single database, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service
delivers a modern, secure IT infrastructure that provides infinite scalability to grow
as your company grows. No more buying, deploying, or maintaining
servers so IT can become more strategic. New features are added or enhanced every day
so you never have to install an upgrade to upgrade your business. Customers chart 50% lower IT costs, 99.9%
uptime, $0 upgrade costs. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was built from
the ground up with your manufacturing business in mind.