Plastic Extrusion and Co-Extrusion at Gemini Plastics, Inc. (GPI)

We are a custom extruder of
thermoplastics. The product areas that we are in include
seating, safety, sealing, and electrical. We’ve got a hundred and sixty active
customers today, over 8,500 active part numbers, and we’re launching over 700
part numbers during that year. Over 6,000 current profiles in our existing dies today. GPI process innovation looks like
this; Really, two things: We constantly are reinvesting in technology and automation The second thing it is is that we’ve developed a lean culture and a Six Sigma
culture by assigning lean champions of each plant and we’ve involved our
employees from top to bottom and that helps us streamline our processes. We’ve got a pre-production process area
that allows us to manufacture parts quickly. We can do in-house testing on
them and we can get a solution to our customer. We use an extensive array of
plastics including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, lots of different TPO’s, TPR’s, TPV’s, and specialty resins. We enjoy getting involved with the
design up front because we can usually work with the end customer to get a
better solution that’s easier to manufacture. The parts easier to
manufacture, it’s usually at a lower cost. We consider ourselves a partner in design. We use a DFMA approach where we can offer a simple and cost-effective part
for our customer. When we look at parts we’re analyzing the complexity of the
part to shape the materials and we’re trying to optimize all those to get the
best part for customer. A recent customer success story an example that is right
behind me. The line behind me was co-developed with a Tier 1, the OEM, and
a material supplier. We worked with them for a development period of about
six months, working on a product that had never been done before, with a material
that had never been extruded before, for a part in a new application. We worked
with the equipment vendors to spec out equipment that would work for the job as
well as the material vendor to tweak the material that would work in our process.
Each year we ship hundreds of millions of parts. We’ve been able to maintain a
world-class PPM of below ten for a very long period of time for a number of
years. Through that time, though, even with a PPM below ten, we occasionally have a concern with customers. When that happens, our customers provide us feedback that we are able to be the most responsive
and that they feel that we take each and every concern very seriously and provide
them good response. I’m proud to be part of the Gemini Group
team because we have a very dynamic team with phenomenal people and this
allows us to deliver exactly what the customer expects from us.