Paul Deutschman : The man behind the Deutschman D01

My background has been in Automotive design my whole career you Know I knew I knew from a very early age that that’s what I wanted to do really the the real breakthrough is when I was commissioned to design a Porsche speedster of the future and it appeared on the cover of Motor Trend magazine and sports car international and a gentleman called Reeves Callaway spotted it and from that point I’ve designed all the bodywork for not only Callaway cars, but all kinds of vehicles Two wheelers three wheelers four wheelers the the common theme with all these projects is the wheel so when the RTX group contacted me to do a new Line of SUV wheels. I jumped at the opportunity as a designer, I really try to put my self in the shoes of whoever is going to be the the the consumer the customer and That’s kind of the starting point for me as a designer and once I’ve done that then I can say, okay Now what pushing what gets me excited what pushes my buttons? so yes, so the wheel really is the the unsprung hero of the automobile and the wheel is the opportunity to make that statement it sets the stance of the vehicle and You know, really? customizes the vehicle to your to your tastes to the individuals taste and the deutschen design range of wheels is aimed at the SUV market and I think it’s a real great opportunity for the the SUV owner to put a set of wheels on the vehicle that sets the right stance gives the right feel and great design is the sweet spot between styling and then Janene