Pasmo! A Japanese Transportation and E-Money Smart Card

Hello world, where i’m from… This is what Japanese train cards are like And….which button do you use to buy a card? Spend the money! I can buy this thing. Oh, i forgot my wallet. I can just use my Pasmo! You can do anything with Pasmo! Ya im done with commercial now. Train is, uh, in Japanese is “Densha” And this is ” Basu” This is like, ” Denshamo” ” Basumo” “Pasmo” “mo” means and or something Or, I don’t know, AND… and you can use it for bus, just like “beep” “Spend the money!” and you can use it for train “Spend the money!” when you try to buy a drink, theres a little Pasmo pad and you can just go “beep” “Spend the money!” “Spend the money!” [camera man] So, when did you get your first Pasmo? Uh, i got it , like….. grade 1, grade 2? [camera man] Do all your friends have Pasmos? Yeah. [Dad] How does the train or bus know if you’re a kid? Well….. because Sometimes they, uh… I don’t know. [Dad] Look at your Pasmo. Ohhh, yeah. It’s a clue! [Dad] OK. :et’s see the clue. uhm [Dad] I have to zoom in, “zoooom” In Japanese, this character means small. its called “small” and that means “kid” This on, this one doesnt have a name but mine, has my name. [Dad] and why do you put your name on the card? Hmmmm…. becasue I don’t know, you just put it on becasue you can. [ Dad] No It’s becasue kids loose their cards well every body looses their cards its not just kids [Dad] So remember with the machine, [Dad] did you just lose your card? (haha) My card flew away! The one on the left has no name. The one on the right has a name. [Dad] the reason is, you put your name on the card, is because if you LOSE it they know exactly who’s it is! and then you can stop other people from using your card. [ Dad] so then you just cancel it so people cant spend all your Pasmo money and so it has your phone number on it [Dad] tight remember? so you put your phone number, your name, your birthday. So if you lose this card, adn you want to get it again. you get the same thing, but with $5 (¥500) and get a new one. See you next time, bye!! [ Dad] Trains comming! ” pi pi” and then you can- [Dad] The lady is talking again. she’s up there She’ s annoying She ruins everything.