Pasha Automotive Services Shares Green Business Practices

The Port of San Diego and San Diego Gas & Electric present the Green Business Challenge. An innovative program that encourages your favorite San Diego Bay businesses to go green. By helping them to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. The first program of its kind on the West Coast the Challenge is creating a greener San Diego Bay. Today we’re touring one of the many businesses taking the challenge with John Pasha of Pasha Automotive Services. Pasha is one of the largest automobile importing facilities on the west coast, handling hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually. This full-service vehicle port processing facility is located at the Port of San Diego’s National City Marine Terminal. John, why did Pasha get involved with the Port’s Green Business Challenge? Pasha has been focused on energy and conservation for a long time. Some of these things that we’ve been doing recently a lighting retrofit, replacing vehicles with Segways and other hybrid vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint and a large recycling program. Some of that’s helped us become more sustainable and the Green Port Challenge really, we think, brought us to the next level in measuring some of those things a little bit deeper so we can become more efficient for the long term. What results or changes have you scene so far? We assembled the team in January of 2011, we took the energy audit and we’ve already seen in two short months about a four to five percent decrease in energy usage, so We’ve implemented a lot of different ideas and we look forward to seeing those trends continue downward and realize savings on our energy bill. Great results what kind of outreach and education is needed for the employees to get those types of results? Well we find it’s really employee buy in, so the Green Challenges has allowed us to form a committee to really get to look at the different hardware and software, if you will, things that we need to enhance. Facility side looks good on the hardware, now it’s really getting the folks to embrace the culture of conserving energy and we found that through our newsletter and our different green events that we have locally we can really help make this a sustainable facility in partnership with the Port and their Green Business Challenge. Thanks so much John, it really looks like Pasha has taken the Green Business Challenge to heart and that’s just fantastic. Congratulations to you and all of the folks here. For more information about the Port of San Diego’s Green Business Challenge go to