Panasonic’s range of 4K Products #PanasonicIFA

This is the area at IFA where we show off some of Panasonic’s expertise in the creation of 4K. And this technology, although it’s mainly for industry, for business, this really feeds down into our expertise in TV, so what we learn in one area, we use in another. So for example, behind me here I’ve got this very top end professional movie camera shooting in 4K and next to it a 4K reference quality monitor, so the director can check out his shots in the field whilst he’s shooting them. And as we move through this area, we’ve got a whole range of products in 4K. We’ve got our 4K range of professional displays. These are the kind of things you have in airports and hotel lobbies, so huge screen sizes as well as the smaller TVs you’re used to from Panasonic. This is a 4K tablet, a 20-inch tablet. And this is used by pro photographers in order to check out in extremely high quality their images before they send them to be printed out or to be used in magazines and so forth. And as we spin around here, we’ve got this, 4K digital signage. So at the moment it’s showing the departure board for an airport or for a train station, but you know just around the edge we’ve got the 4K projection complementing it, and that’s made by Panasonic as well. We made a lot of professional projectors that we used at the Olympics. So you’re probably thinking, that all sounds great, but how does this affect my life? Well, the great new is, you can create your own 4K content and that’s this area over here. Our LUMIX cameras and our HD camcorders, our 4K camcorders will enable you to make your own 4K content at home. And so if you want to learn more about those, then check out the full range of videos we’ve made from IFA about 4K camcorder and 4K LUMIX products. Thanks very much.