Panasonic Showcases Automotive Solutions at ITS World Congress 2014

Welcome to the Motor City. The place where the world’s love affair with the automobile first began. And the perfect place for the 21st ITS World Congress. Why? once again we stand at a tipping point in the evolution of transportation. A time when long-imagined technologies are fast becoming reality, transforming the way people move around the block, and around the globe. And Panasonic is delighted to be front and center, showcasing our state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation Systems to car manufacturers, government agencies,and other influential and forward-thinking organizations from around the world. Our exhibit centers on ‘autonomous driving systems’ and the intelligent deployment of ‘big data’ all in the service of allowing people to travel more freely, more comfortably, and more safely than ever before. Panasonic will showcase advanced technology that ‘sees’ the road in an entirely new way, utilizing 360 degree cameras and deploying smart sensors that not only allow communication between one car and another, but between the car and the road as well. The anticipated result? Nothing less than a game-changing reduction in accidents and their related costs not only material but personal and an unprecedented new level of safety and peace of mind. With AUPEO! Personal Radio, we’re also able to provide a custom blend of entertainment and information in a smart solution that takes connectivity for our customers to an entirely new level. For Panasonic, it’s all about the consumer experience and making sure that we find ways to enhance that experience either through audio enhancements or through safety enhancements inside the vehicle such that it enhances the consumers’ lives. So it seems Panasonic offers a lot of cutting-edge technologies and solutions that might be interested in what we are doing over there, and in general in Nissan, so that is why I’m here to see what this technology is, and how we can collaborate. At Panasonic, we believe the journey is as important as the destination. Which is why we’ll continue to develop technologies and solutions to enhance each and every mile. For more news, visit Panasonic News Portal at