Palisade Reveal | LA Auto Show | Hyundai

(soft music) – Welcome to the 2018
Los Angeles Auto Show. My name is Mike Caudill and
I’m going to be your host over the next 10 minutes
leading you up to one of the most anticipated launches here at the Auto Show during
the media preview days. Now, a lot of excitement. This is being streamed all
over the world right now. From Korea, to here in Los Angeles, across over to New York, and abroad. It’s going to be an exciting
25 minutes for you here at the L.A. Auto Show. So let’s kick it off with
a quick shot of the crowd. You can see everybody making their way into the Hyundai Pavilion right now as we get ready to fire things up. So let’s get right to it. I want to bring a special guest up. We got a few of them for you
as we lead ourselves into the official press conference. First up, I’m going to
bring up Miles Johnson. He’s on the Corporate
Communications Team at Hyundai. Miles, come on up my friend. – Hi Mike, how are you? – I am well. All right, so this is one of the most anticipated launches that Hyundai has had
in the past few years. Tell me about what this
SUV means to the brand. – We’re really going after
families with this SUV and we’ve got a great new brand ambassador that we’ve brought on with BTS and you’re going to see the
opening video with those guys. They have a great audience,
a great family in their van and they’re going to share
this SUV launch with us. – The hottest growing segment right now in the automotive industry is the sport utility and truck segment. You guys are gonna go
with the new vehicle. Can you tell me what the name is. – The name is the Hyundai Palisade and it evokes some recognition
from the city, and California and I think what people are
going to notice on this vehicle is the design is outstanding. The surfacing work, execution,
and then we back it up with some great safety features,
and some great utility, and really, really going after families. – All right, so we’re going to see BTS. They’re going to be playing. We’re going to see them up on the screen. Now to bring an SUV in to the market you’ve got to have the right research. So with the right research that means we’re bringing
up Brandon Ramirez who’s the Senior Group Manager for Product Public Relations at Hyundai. All right my man, now you have
the title of Public Relations but you came from product planning so you had your foot in the
door on both sides of this. Tell me a little bit about the
research that went into this. – So it really starts with a target buyer. We did a lot of research on
the buyer and we found out there is an unmet need based
off of competitor SUVs. Major things, one, they wanted easy access to the third row seat. Usually on some competitors it’s difficult to climb over the seat. Now that’s one big unmet need. Another thing is when you
have all three rows up there’s not a lot of cargo room and that’s what people want. People want more cargo room
beyond the third row seat. Also they want the flexibility of folding the third row seat. Very easy, not multiple mechanisms. We listened to that. Also we found out people
don’t want to pay extra for added safety features. People say I don’t want to pay extra for blind spot detection. Hey, we listened. Also they wanted that premium luxury feel in their midsize SUV and today you’re going to see how we listened to the research. – So you’re not new to the SUV market. The Hyundai Santa Fe and the Tucson. You got great SUVs that
have been in the market. They’ve all been middle of the road SUVs. Can we talk about the
luxury in this vehicle. Where is this thing
going to take the brand? – It’s great because we
have lots of luxury features and the advanced technology is impressive. So you’re going to see some of that today. – All right, so we’ve got
about five minutes left to stream some more of this out to you. BTS is one of your brand
ambassadors, a K-Pop sensation. What are we going to see up
here on the screen behind us? – Now the number one purchase reason are some of the key most
important purchase reason is passenger seating capacity. BTS is large, so what you’re
going to see is our focus on adding passenger seating capacity. You’re going to see
them enjoy our vehicle. – I love the fact that
you’re bringing BTS into this because here in the U.S.
everyone always wants to say American, American, American,
and I love how Hyundai proudly wears it’s Korean badge and
you’re doing that with BTS. All right, so we have another
set of Brand Ambassadors. Let’s talk about the moms
here in the audience. We have a brand ambassador
with a mom in the audience. – Yeah, so we have Madison Fisher and she came to our Santa Fe program and she experienced what
Hyundai is capable of and now you’re gonna see
she got to experience some of the features in the vehicle prior to us showing this today. So you’re going to hear from her. – All right, so she’s
going to be up on stage. Probably the whole family up there. We’re also going to hear
a little bit from BTS. We had Miles up, we had Brandon up. All right, how many minutes
do we got left on this guys. We’ve got two minutes left. So we know that this is going to be… Is it going to be the
flagship for the brand? Will this be a new design for the company? – Yes, it’ll be a flagship for the brand and what you’re going
to see, it’s very bold, but it’s very roomy and
you’re going to see, hey this vehicle can hold people, this vehicle can hold cargo. – All right so, you’re
hearing it live right here. Broadcast all around the world. Brandon Ramirez joining me,
thank you for being up here and telling us a little bit
more about the Palisade. We’re about two minutes away
from launching this vehicle across the globe. We’re going to be coming back to you guys in about 15-20 minutes
after the press conference. We’re going to interview
all the executives so you can hear first
hand about what the brand is going to be doing from
a business standpoint. What’s the product cycle of this vehicle? What are the marketing activations
behind Palisade as well. So stay tuned with us as we get ready to launch the all new Hyundai Palisade here at the Los Angeles Auto Show. (soft music) (screaming) (whistling) (upbeat music) (whistling) – Family is being in a group. – Loving and respecting each other. – We may be very
different from each other. – We may not be related. – But we feel stronger together. – That is family. – That is remarkable. Nationalities, ages, skin colors, they’re all welcome in
today’s definition of family. For all remarkable
families around the world. We present the all new Hyundai – [All] Palisade. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the first
ever Hyundai Palisade. And now please welcome
Chief Operating Officer Hyundai Motor America, Brian Smith. – Just like them, I love this Palisade. I guess there’s nothing
like a little K-Pop to kick things up this time of day. Good afternoon and
welcome to the world debut of the Hyundai Palisade. (applauding) Thank you. We’re here to introduce you
to this all new SUV flagship. But also to discuss how it fits into our model line transformation. When you look at all the demographic data you realize that today’s family comes in many different forms. That’s why we’re growing
our own family of SUVs, to meet their needs
throughout their lives. So, lets talk about the
role that this vehicle plays in our growing SUV lineup. A year ago here at the L.A. Auto Show we began a flurry of SUV launches with an entirely new
model, the Hyundai Kona. This year we’ve really picked up the pace with five more SUV introductions. The all new 2019 Santa Fe,
the all new Kona electric, the first ever NEXO fuel cell vehicle, the redesigned Tucson,
and now the Palisade. And there’s still more to come. Next year we’ll reveal
yet another SUV model in yet another category. So there’s no question about it. We’re in the SUV game big time with one of the most advanced
lineups in the business. Today we’re underscoring that point with our flagship SUV,
the Hyundai Palisade. Palisade was designed with
the North American customer as it’s number one target. Hyundai understands that this
country is like no other. A place of vast landscapes,
inviting back roads, and endless highways. Palisade was created for growing
families to explore it all. It’s a vehicle that makes a
statement for it’s proud owners, but also for Hyundai. You know it was only two
years ago that we offered just three SUVs covering
two key categories. By this time next year
we’ll have seven SUVs in our portfolio available in
three different power trains, internal combustion, electric,
and hydrogen fuel cell, and they’ll cover virtually
the entire SUV market. In that short amount of
time we’ve gone from SUVs making up less than 40% of our mix to what will be almost 55% next year. So it’s a new era in Hyundai. You see it in our portfolio and you definitely see it in
our dynamic design language. So right now, it’s my
pleasure to introduce you to one of the leaders
of this transformation. Please welcome the head
of Hyundai Global Design, Mr. SangYup Lee. (clapping) – Thank you Brian. My dear ladies and gentlemen, how are you? It is a great pleasure to be here in L.A. For me it’s my second home. This is the place for
young men’s American dream has come true and where
my two beautiful daughters were born and raised and
where I came to appreciate the value of family which
I’ll never trade for anything. In such a place I am very
proud to talking about our new flagship SUV. But first I would like to start with of whether a bigger picture
of how we are creating the unique Hyundai presence
through the design. We are entering a new
era in Hyundai design that is called sensuous sportiness. It integrates our brand spirit
and creates emotional value. And it is perfectly reflect
in our Hyundai Palisade. Many automotive brands today that emphasis a so-called family look with similar face and genetic design code they
repeat in different sizes. With this new generation of Hyundai design we are doing something
quite different and unique we call Hyundai look. Much like chess pieces our
new models are clearly related but their designs reflect
different customers so that each vehicle has
it’s own distinctive look that contributes to the whole. In the coming year you will see us put the new chess pieces on the board. Today we are here to
meet, obviously, the King. This proportion really expressed
the command of the road in the way that is bold and yet the lines are
refined and tailored. The Palisade flagship status is evident in the long powerful hood and stretched towards
the wide cascading grill. Vertical DRL complete the
signature of our mask. Reminiscent of aligator eyes. The dynamic side profile,
the features through the strong seatbelt life
and panoramic photo glass which emphasized the spacious third row. And strong fenders, and
handsomely sculpted body panels that give Palisade a muscular look. The vertical LED tail length
echos the shape of the DRL on the front for harmonious appearance. The panoramic rear glass
and the broad rear panels that contribute a modern design. Their clean surfaces help emphasis the wide and capital stance. We designed Palisade to give
growing families room to grow. To explore the world in premium comfort And to demonstrate these capabilities I’m happy to introduce
you to one such family. They actually become something
of an internet sensation with millions of fans. So let’s meet the Fishers. – Hey everyone, we’re the
Fisher family, I’m Madison. – And I’m Kyler. – And these are our twin
girls, Tatum and Oakley. – We got a call from
our friends at Hyundai who invited us to come
down and take a sneak peak at the all new Hyundai Palisade. – We’re super excited to be
a part of the global launch of the latest edition to their SUV family. We can’t wait to see it
and share it with you. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Madison Fisher. (clapping) – Thank you. When Kyler and I launched our
YouTube channel two years ago we wanted to share all
the joys and challenges that come with this
adventure we call parenthood. Today we have over two and
a half million subscribers that feel like family to us. They chat with us to cheer
us on, give us advise, and share good news. When Hyundai learned that we
had a third baby on the way they shared a secret with us
that we couldn’t talk about until today and that’s
the Hyundai Palisade. Let’s take a closer look. So, here we are to check out
Hyundai’s all new Palisade. – They told us a little bit about it. – We can’t wait to get in
it and take a closer look. – We’ve even brought some of our friends. – Let’s go check it out. Whoa. – Wow, this interior is really nice. – It’s so luxurious. I can totally see this being
our new date night car. – I know, I know, I
owe you a couple dates. – Yeah you do. Wow, we’re going to look
awesome pulling up to valet. – Oh yeah. – [Madison] I really like these seats. They’re so soft and quilted. – [Kyler] Look at the panoramic
skylight for the girls. – They’re going to love that. They can look at the stars. This is amazing. – Perfect. – So here’s the next
thing about the Palisade. When you’re a parent with little ones your car is kind of like your base camp and everywhere we looked we kept finding all these compartments and thoughtful little hideaways. There was even a place to stash my purse and still have it in reach. There was a spot for the
girls toys and books, their snacks and drinks, for my yoga bag, and all of those other little things that you just want to have with you. And for those big days at the beach, you’ve got room for all the stuff. Even the ginormous cooler without sacrificing the third row seat. And there’s also a place for everyone. This is an eight passenger SUV
so it’s big enough for family and friends, and you can
get into the third row with just one button. How cool is that? And it’s first class all the way so even the third row has
power reclining seats. Now let’s take a look at
some of the other things that we discovered inside. – Wow, this car is officially huge. It’s so big, it has an intercom. – You can talk directly
to family and friends in the third row and in our case, without waking up the
girls in the second row if they’re asleep. Check it out. Hey McKenzie, how are the girls doing? – They’re doing great. – Awesome. I really appreciate all the small details. It’s got USBs in every row. They’re everywhere. Whoa, I’ve definitely had my
hands full the last two years. – Yeah. – [Madison] This hands
free lift gate is amazing. – [Kyler] And I love how
you can open the cargo space by just the touch of a button. (girls mumbling) Okay. – Something else that I
truly love about the Palisade is safety and they really got you covered. The people at Hyundai
showed us these sensors watching all around you that
keep you safe and warning you and even stopping for you. And you don’t have to pay more for it. Every single Palisade comes with these advanced safety features. So I can honestly say that we loved it. I want to say thank you
to SangYup, and Brian, and everyone at Hyundai for thinking about the perfect SUV for people like us. (clapping) – Thank you Madison, thank you Madison. Thanks for joining us today. Palisade is a clear statement
about what sets Hyundai apart. It demonstrates how carefully
we listen to our customers to deliver the best
solutions and highest value in each category. Palisade will begin
arriving at U.S. dealerships next summer. And that’s something to celebrate. So tonight we’re inviting
all of the credential media here today to drop by Hotel
Fig for our annual celebration kicking off the new Auto Show season. We look forward to seeing you there. Now we need just a moment for a photo opp and then we’re going to open up the stage so you can come take a closer
look at Hyundai Palisade. Thank you all. (clapping) (upbeat music) – Welcome back to the 2018 L.A. Auto Show. Again, I’m Mike Caudill
and I’m your host here. Okay, let’s just pump
the breaks for a minute on this new launch. I mean this Palisade, talk
about an awesome vehicle. Mike O’Brian is with me and Mike is the head of Product Planning. Okay, tell me about how
awesome this vehicle is. Who’s the target market for this? – Well the buyers for this
will be really the smart family that want something extra
that they’re not getting in their current SUV products. When you think about the
content of this vehicle, the design of the vehicle, you think about safety and technology, it’s really has unmatched to the market. So we just look at the exterior design. We went to a very, very
premium kind of finish where the intersection of
parts, whether its glass, or sheet metal, or trim, is very plush. Only achieved generally
with ultra luxury vehicles so we get an exterior
design that looks like it’s fighting way above it’s class. In the interior you get so much
in terms of feature content that it’s quite amazing
when you think about it. Between five and seven USB connections. You bring in your own
entertainment with your tablet. When you think about
ventilated second row seats. When you think about eight
passenger seating capacity. One button operation to
either get a full retraction of the second row or third row seats for extra storage or ingress
and egress to the third row it really offers an amazing
compliment of features for any family, that any
family could appreciate. – I was shocked when I saw it come out. This is the first time
I’ve had a chance to it and I’m the one holding
the Hyundai microphone so congratulations to you. Now I wanted to be fully prepared. So are you ready for
some rapid fire questions that I prepared on the Palisade? – I’ll do my best. – All right, here we go. Here’s my question. What are the top unique selling
points for the Palisade that meets your target buyers expectations? – Well first outstanding
design speaks for itself and once you sit in the
car it closes the deal. Second, it’s going to be standard safety. We offer standard safety that’s
unsurpassed in the market. We offer rear occupant safety alert. We’re the first to market with that. We offer safe exit assist. So if a young child tries to
exit into oncoming traffic the door will lock. We offer standard second row vent. Not standard but available
second row ventilated seats. We offer a safety suite
that’s really unmatched. We offer forward collision assist which is automatic emergency
braking with pedestrian assist. We offer lane key assist, but also, not only does it tell you when
you start leaving the lane if you’re not paying attention but it also steers the steering
wheel back in the lane. We do the same thing with rear monitors. So not only will you be warned if there’s something behind
your car as you’re backing up, will actually operate
the emergency braking to prevent you from striking a pedestrian or object as you’re backing up. – All right, I’m a simple guy. I have an 11 year old and
I have a nine year old. And my favorite feature
that I saw in your video was the third row seat that reclines with a full sized adult in the back. Tell me a little bit about it. – You know, I’m going to
side track a little bit and tell you something even different. What’s even better about those seats is generally what’s
challenging with every vehicle in the marketplace is
it’s hard for young people to operate the seats to
get to the third row. To articulate the second
row to get access. With this vehicle it’s all one touch. So at the push of a button, young people, small stature people get
easy access to the third row. But the reclining feature
and the intercom system allows you to either speak to the second, or third row separately, or both. It’s really a special feature. If you’re on a long trip and
you’ve got someone sleeping in the car you’re able to speak to someone in the third row or the
second row without waking up that extra passenger that’s
trying to get a little shut eye. So when you think about comfort
in terms of reclining seats if you think about the comfort in terms of our available captains chairs in the seven passenger model, when you think of the
conversational intercom system that allows you just to speak with one row there’s so many things that make it great for a growing family. – All right, here we go. Question number three. Palisade obviously and
visually a luxurious SUV. Lots of content, okay. Is Hyundai moving away from
it’s established market position as a value leader with the Palisade? – Absolutely not. Our engineers have done double
time and I’ll tell you why. Double time is an important word because were using a
term called sensor fusion so where other auto
makers are adding content which they have to charge for making the vehicle more expensive we’re using the sensors
that we already have. For example, blind spot
sensors that we already have are the same sensors that we use for the rear occupant exit alert. So we use that same sensor that also tells you when you’re moving into a lane and into a car. The same sensor comes on
when a child’s opening a door into oncoming traffic. So instead of having a feature
that we have to charge for to pay extra for, we have a
feature that’s essentially free. A few lines of computer code
and we’re offering a lot of extra value and great features without adding to the cost of the car. So our value position
frankly is well preserved. – Tremendous, do I have
time to get one more? Can I get one more? – One more, I wish I could
have read those in advance, but I’ll do my part. – One more question for ya. All right, tell me about the
styling cues on the Palisade that impress you the most. – Well on one hand we have
this bold front graphic with the LED light guide technology. Very up right, very, very tough and bold. On the other hand we have a very elegantly and understated design and the side view is accentuated by all this flush surfacing
that I mentioned earlier. So it’s got the right
stature, the right proportion, and a front boldness
that you need in an SUV to give it that planted, ready to go, ready to rumble feeling
but yet the premiumness is that very understated side profile that really makes it feel like a much more luxurious vehicle. – Can I tell you mine? – Yes. – I just want to tell you mine. I love the rate to look
from the bead pillar which is right behind the
drivers side all the way back. I love how it slopes down
and gives it an aggressive and sporty exterior style to it. Mike O’Brian, Vice President
of Product Planning for the brand and the new Palisade. – Congratulations.
– Thank you very much. – And thank you for joining us
here with Hyundai Live today. All right, we’ve got
another executive coming up. Who’s ready for another executive? Let’s do this. Always dapper, Chief
Marketing Officer, you know, can we talk suits or do
we want to talk cars? – I can’t talk suits with you. – All right, so Dean Evans is joining us. I’ve got rapid fire questions, but I’m not good at following. You know that I don’t follow scripts, but I wanted to be prepared. Let me just tell you
I think it’s stunning. I think the design is fantastic. You’re the marketing guy and
they want to hear from you not me so let’s turn it over to you. I’ve got four questions for
you Dean, are you ready? – Yes. – Main message you want to
get across to the consumers in the marketplace. – Yes, the Hyundai’s really
arrived today, right. We’ve been waiting for a few years to have a real lineup of SUVs. Palisade is the flagship
of our SUV lineup. To me that’s what is the most impressive about what we have here for Palisade now, because we have a flagship for the brand and it is the flagship for
the SUV part of our lineup and it’s a smashing car. I agree with what you said for sure. – All right, here we
go, question number two. All right, Hyundai has been
heavily into its marketing of their SUV family, okay. How does the Palisade add to
and round out that family? – Yes, no we really like
the concept that Palisade is rounding out a family. Whether it’s the Kona on the one end or it’s now Palisade bookend on the other, or that we have pretty
much everything in between today wrapped around. So that’s why you saw us at
the beginning of this year when we launched Kona. Right away them we turn
into a family campaign. We also launched Santa Fe then midyear and now we’re rolling out the
year with the whole family of SUV campaign again. And to no one’s probably surprise we’re gonna be a full
campaign of family SUVs next year as well. – Will you indulge me? I want to add onto that question with one more just side question to it. Tell me a little bit about what
does Hyundai want our buyers to know in general about its SUV lineup? – Yeah, no we really have
been spending a few years now. We were not the first to
market with a full lineup so we have been spending
time looking at the market really trying to understand
what our customers want. You heard SangYup talk about
that earlier with the design. We really want to make sure
we’re customizing these vehicles so people are falling in
love with them better. They’re paying premium dollars for them and that’s really the whole
objective of that lineup. You can also obviously have a conversation around the tech today and the tech features in our cars today. You know Hyundai is quality, it’s safety, it’s low cost to own, but it’s now technology
like nobody else’s brand. So all of that is really what
is part of our SUV story. – All right, I’ve got two more for you and I know you’re busy. You’re in high demand here. Let me hit you with two more. All right, so when are we
going to see the full marketing begin for this vehicle? – Yeah, midyear next year. About the summer time
you’ll start seeing it. We also have a really nice
surprise for Super Bowl. So we’ll see what happens there but we are going to be
talking about Palisade a little earlier than the summer but then the summer you’ll
see a lot of Palisade as we roll into the campaign. – Off script, are the San Diego Chargers or the L.A. Rams going
to be in the Super Bowl? – I hope it’s the Rams. – Oh, the Rams, explains the blue. Well, Chargers are blue as well. All right, I got a couple more for ya. You gave us the hint of the Super Bowl. What’s the creative going to be like? Can you tell us? – You know, we’ve had a history
of going to the Super Bowl over the last few years. Our formula has been
tugging peoples hearts and getting them to fall in
love with our brand even more, and things that our brand
stands for and represent. This year we’re going to the Super Bowl and hopefully we’re going
to make people laugh and we’re going to show some product. We have very special surprise, too, around a customer experience that no one else can match in the industry that we’re also going to
be talking about, too. So we think it’s going to
be kind of a grand slam. – Love it, okay, I got
a couple more for ya and then I’m gonna let you go. Any unique partnerships that you can tell us you’re exploring? – We do have some great
partnerships set up for the whole family of
SUVs coming up and Palisade. We just can’t quite talk about them yet because we do want to keep
some of that a surprise because they’re really good. – You do have BTS and I like that. All right, here’s your
last question for the day. Hyundai held it’s global debut
of the Palisade right here at the L.A. Auto Show, obviously. When many manufacturers
are launching cars outside of auto shows why did you pick
L.A. to launch this vehicle? – Palisade was designed
primarily for the United States. The U.S. market does like their big SUVs and that’s what this is a focus on so we definitely wanted to
be here in the United States and we’re also big
believers in auto shows. I’ve been on the record to say before there’s not a lot of places
people go to actually pay to come look at cars,
so that’s why we’re here and we also like the amount of press and all the journalists
all in one location so we can have an
exciting reveal like this. We think it’s a one, two punch
that we still in love with. – L.A.’s home, you’re right up the street. Corporate headquarters for North America. – Home location. – All right, Dean Evans,
thank you so much. – Thank you. – Chief Marketing Officer
for the Hyundai brand. We’ve got one more interview to close some things out here today. And he’s coming in, the man himself, Brian, you were up there, you just delivered one of the most smashing press conferences. You had BTS up there, right. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Then we’ve got a family up there. – That scene was wonderful. – I’ve already told everybody
I like to go off script. I love the exterior look
and design of this vehicle. – Thank you, I do too.
– Very performance oriented. – I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys are gonna do in the market. All right. – I’ll tell you one of my
favorite things is that grill. That face coming at you
with those vertical DRLs. It’s gonna be, you’ll
recognize it miles behind you. I think it’s going to be cool. – All right so I’ve got four
rapid fire questions for you. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – You ready?
– I’m ready. – All right we’re going
to go through these. I like to be prepared and
everyone here knows me knows I don’t like to be on script. So I’m going to be on script. – They’re just yes or no answers right? – You’re going to have to define
’em out a little bit more. By the way it’s broadcast globally. All right, here we go. Hyundai’s been talking
about better meeting the market demand for
SUVs with new entries. Tell us how important the Palisade is for the Hyundai lineup as a whole. – Palisade is amazingly important
for two different reasons. One is the midsize SUV
segment is huge and growing and we’re finally going
to be taken seriously because you gotta have the
midsize to be a true SUV family. But beyond that we’ve
been adding SUVs all year. What finally hits home is
when you look at that picture of six faces at you staring at you of SUVs and people go wow,
Hyundai’s an SUV company. That’s what Palisade does,
is it completes that picture. – Yeah when I saw, and I saw ’em up there, you showed five and I
was like five’s a lot. Then you’re like well seven and it’s like this is all
happening within the next year. – That is so cool. – All right, tell me a little
bit more about the positioning of this as an SUV flagship
for the Hyundai brand. – Well again, you know, people come in, anytime you can launch a vehicle like this you’re drawing traffic
and you’re getting people who may not have considered
your brand before. Whether they end up buying
Palisade or one of the other SUVs it really doesn’t matter. They’re going to find a
great fit for their family and that’s what Palisade again is doing. It’s going to make a lot
of people come take a look at a brand new flagship vehicle and then they’re going
to see our entire lineup. – You’re launching an
incredible vehicle here. Tell us what the dealers are asking for. Did they ask for this
vehicle to come to market? Because they’re the ones we gotta get this vehicle in front of. – They asked for it years ago and now that they’ve seen it they want it yesterday in the dealerships. So, probably their biggest
disappointment was my statement that it’ll be hitting
dealerships next summer. They would like it next
month but they understand and they’re excited. A lot of presale happens. We’re going to be doing a
lot of promotion of it online in some big media properties coming up so it’s going to generate
a lot pre-sold orders even before the vehicles get here. – Dean just told us about Super Bowl, – Ah.
– I can’t wait. – I can’t wait to see the Super Bowl. I know you’re in high demand. I’ve got two more questions for you. All right, there’s talk
about more SUVs from Hyundai coming out soon. What else have you planned
here in the near future to fill out this lineup? You just said midsized, what’s next? – Well, what I think is cool… We’ve actually introduced him so I’m not going to spill any secrets but the Kona Electric
and the NEXO Fuel Cell are two vehicles that are
going to hit the market. They’ll be in dealerships
in the next 30 days. And they are vehicles that are surprising
the heck out of people. Kona Electric, you just wouldn’t
even realize you’re driving an electric vehicle, it is so intuitive and almost normal feeling. But 258 mile range almost
takes any range anxiety, people will go I can drive an electric. So that is extremely cool. NEXO is one of the most
stylish beautiful SUVs. Now beyond that, we’re going to expand the lineup a little more next year. We’ll have great announcement coming. I’m not saying anymore about it globally but there’s more coming. – Okay, I got one more, like
I said you’re in high demand. I got one more question for you
and then we’ll close it out. Palisade should be very
popular as a family SUV and occasionally demand for Hyundai SUVs has exceeded your supply. So, people want ’em
and they can’t buy ’em. How are we gonna work with that? What are we gonna do? – Well, I’ll tell you our little secret as long as you don’t tell anybody else. Just you and me. – It’s just you and me, no
cameras, no microphones. – Palisade is a global vehicle,
but North American market is gonna be by far the biggest
consumption of Palisade. So when we normally have
to fight other countries around the world to get more
Tucson, or get more Santa Fe, we’re going to be the number
one customer for Palisade. So I know that we can get
whatever volume our dealers are capable of selling and
however many new people want to come to our
brand, Palisade is there. – Well I’m just gonna say
you cornered the market because you just let
the cat out of the bag. Five SUVs, now going to seven, you have plenty of products
in the marketplace. Whether you want to drive
a high end luxury vehicle. – You’re right. – Or just an entry level vehicle. I think you’ve got the market covered. Brian Smith, thank you so much, Chief Operating Officer for Hyundai. – Thanks very much Mike. – Joining us here at the L.A. Auto Show. So much great news you guys. We’ve had BTS, the COO, the CMO, we’ve had the product communications team, the product planning team, everybody has been here to be a part of one of the best press conferences here. – The whole Hyundai family. – At the L.A. Auto Show. I’m Mike Caudill, thank you
for joining us here today. I’ve been your host. Again thank you, Dean, as well. – Thank you. – Dean, Brian, Dean, everybody else being a part of this today. That’s it here live from
the L.A. Auto Show for 2018. – Thanks.