Painting Jeep Wrangler YJ – Home Jeep Painting – Paint Job

Jeep Wrangler Painting
Hey David from the redneck garage well got the paint on and this is the procedures of
the actual painting itself how apply didn’t how it shot on and the end result of the paint
job now the only thing we have to do after that is wet sand it down get all the orange
peel out of it and then buff it out typically you’ll get some orange peel and some minor
imperfections just because of pressures humidity things like that so I tend to always want
to buff it out especially like on the hood areas that are very noticeable buff that all
out make sure that it looks really nice and pretty so let’s take a look at painting the
truck alright what the hell about time for another
beer got the color on it’s flashed out battle ready for the clear looks good see the metallic
flake in it it laid down pretty good all green green machine Randy its green got the doors
and the tailgate painted so we’re about ready to start the first code of clear and lay that
stuff on it looks good little buff action will be ready
to rock now I can get started on the bed liner and starting to put her back together so that
was it in Nexus wet sanding it down with 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper and buffing it out
that will be the next video really happy with a color and and I’m super happy with the way
the redneck spray booth performed in the driveway I’m David from redneck garage keep turning
wrenches I was really happy with the way the body works came out all the panels look very
straight look skin very happy so let’s get wet sanding so wet sanded last night got a
little wet sanding left to do on the hood he want to use 1500 or 2000 grit and you want
to get rid of all this stepping right here you can see it kind of on them sides I got
most of it out of the top before we buffing out so I’m going to continue on sanding a
little bit and then we are going to Buffett okay so I went in and down this vendor and
I’m going to test buff this fender first its been wet sanded and got a new phone pad 10
things that you want to make sure that you don’t do is let the ground and get dirt on
it because that was scratch the paint and you need to keep the foam pad clean I’m using
a compound and a polish from the Custom Shop which is TCP global and we’ll see how it comes
out see if I like it and I can tell it’s going to need a little more wet sanding in a couple
spots so I’m going to go back in with him then bill is here bill came by the redneck
garage what’s up bail hay he came back to see the paint job what do you think Bill I
think it looks excellent Bill’s my number one employee haha your only employee right
so your number no I’ve got Billy everybody has to be Billiam bill or Billy this is bill
I’m telling you so put on your application Willie would be good Willie would be awesome
and he has his Miata out today it’s really nice out in Nashville today so he’s out taking
a cruise do you have the top down I had the top blues but I pulled this to keep the Sun
off of it okay I got you but you’re driving around with the top down yes okay don’t disappoint
me its top down weather top down day I’m going home to cut grass
Jennifer say hi to the camera hi no you have
to turn around and say hi I got to come over and get her on camera this is so she can tell
her friends I help pain the thing Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey honey you think she’s
married to Gary or something look at the camera and say hi oh man carries the same way the
gear bear will not take a look at it so the side with sanded and buffed out turned out
really well it looks gorgeous and when door is going to need recoating with clear because
it’s jacked up Jennifer still working it is windy and the best part of the day is it was
almost done with the wet sanding and buffing of the hood in my buffer caught right here
on the edge and ripped the paint off so we get to repainted it again yeah yay which you
know oh well part of the process and Jennifer is still sending hopefully keep saying in
woman she is doing a great job wow the hostility so a little setback grill look straight so
there’s Randy’s here ! so today clearly was frustrating and rewarding at the same time
got all the paint on the Jeep accept going to have to repaint the hood and one of the
doors where the clear coat was kind of messed up I just have to wet sand it down and reshoot
the clear other than that it looks really good I can start prepping for the bed liner
as well as get the hood send it back down and shoot another coat of color and shoots
more clear David from redneck garage golly I’m back to sanding hahaha