Paintball Tips & Tricks : How to Remove Paintball Paint From Car Paint

My name is Scott McKay and today we are going
to talk about how to get paintball paint off of your vehicle. Hopefully it’s not because
you shot it on purpose but more likely it’s been vandalized and this happened. Hopefully
those of you out there that do own paintball markers don’t run around on the streets shooting
other people’s cars cause that will land you in jail. And give a bad name to the hobby.
What we’ve got here is two kinds of paint. This is your more generic paint, it’s usually
a vegetable base oil. This is a little bit of a higher end paint that’s usually a water
based, a lot thicker, The ease of getting it off is going to really depend on how long
it’s been on there. I’ve got some simple tools here today, Palmolive, warm water, a terry
cloth towel, and a mister clean magic eraser. Those should get out just about anything off.
We’ll talk about it a little bit later. Some other stuff that you can do. First thing obviously
to pick the heavy stuff off. Get it as clean as you can. Most important thing is to keep
your sponge or magic eraser clean the whole time you are doing it, so as not to spread
it into bigger areas. Some of those ones that are a little bit harder to get off, you might
even try going to a car wash and using the high pressure gun on. You might kind of get
into it a little bit heavier. Wipe it all down, make sure there’s no residual oil around.
Take your terry cloth towel, wipe it clean. This works great like I said, plus if you,
people have been told use WD 40, it’s a petroleum base, it will usually clean up and I’ve also
been told it will clean up if your car gets hit with spray paint. It will clean the paint
off the car if you catch it fairly soon. Thank you for your time.