Paint2Fix Auto Touch Up Paint / Unpacking & Instructions

Special fabric for using blending solution Microfiber fabric for cleaning before paint application After application, blending solution will help fixing excess parts and overflows Custom-made touch up paint Carnauba based Wax Nitrile Gloves Micro touch up brushes Before starting application, paint bottles need strongly shaking, steel balls in the bottles will help for mixing paints We produce custom-made touch up paint for each order The application area should be clean and dry Step 1 – Apply the touch up paint to the scratched area using a micro brushes Blending solution will help fixing excess parts and overflows after application Before using blending solution, it should be put the compressed foam in the special fabric. Compressed foam will help applying the blending solution Pour certain amount of blending solution on special fabric Step 2 – Clean with gentle pressure without pressing too much the overflowing paints from the touch up area If you are working on non-deep scratches, use blending solution to clean the overflowing paint area Use nitrile gloves for every touch up paint application Pour in certain amount of wax onto the microfiber cloth to apply polish Apply it on the touch up area and its around. After using paint bottle, close its cap strongly , shake 2 or 3 minutes before starting the next application