Paint Prep on a Luxury RV. Marathon Mondays with Mal: Ep.91

Well good morning everybody. And right there you can see Marathon Coach 1303. That’s actually not what we’re going to show you this morning, but I just wanted to give it to ya. And good morning and welcome to Marathon Mondays with Mal. It’s a beautiful Coburg morning here at the
Marathon Coach Headquarters and plant, where all the Marathons have been manufactured and continue to be manufactured. And there is 1303. And you see Greg just climbed down off the top… and I want to tell you about that real quick, but let me jump in here. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I know I’ve been real busy lately and you
probably saw me down in Indio. So thanks to all of you for watching. Let us know where you’re watching from, let us know about your comments. We’ve got Todd on the main camera, we’ve got Miki directing this morning, and Adam is down here with another camera himself. And we’ve got Andy and Pete running around here… so anyway we’ve got a whole crew here this morning. We’re going to show you 1302. Remember: 1302 is the coach that we’re going to be following all the way through its process of production, and we showed you a little teaser episode of the shell arriving yesterday. We threw a little Sunday episode out to you so if you didn’t get a chance to see that little Sunday episode on 1302’s shell, go back to Facebook or YouTube and check that out. But this is episode 91 and we’re going to
take a look at 1302, but before we do, I want to talk about Temp-Coat. Temperature coating on the top of the coach. And Greg just applied that to the top of the coach on 1303. There’s nothing on top: no air conditioning, no anything. And that Temp-Coat is something that we apply to the top of every coach, including the slide-outs, and it helps with insulation. It keeps the cold out, and it keeps the heat out, so depending on whether you are in very cold temperatures or very hot temperatures, the temperature coating that we apply to the top of every coach including the slide-outs really helps with the insulation. And it’s a liquid form of insulation… really
cool! But anyway, Greg just applied that to 1303, so I wanted to give you a chance, before we looked at 1302, which you can probably hear in the background is being sanded and prepped for paint, I wanted you to take a look at how masked off this really is. So, this is 1303. This shell just arrived and they have it all
masked off so that you could get the temperature coating on the top, and Greg was just up there with a safety harness on, and just stepped down after putting a thick film of that temperature coating on top. Very cool! It takes a lot of time to mask that off. Look at how it’s completely contained. If you take a look down this way…. you can see that every angle of this has been completely masked off. Now, let’s get to who we want to talk about this morning: 1302, which is right behind Todd. So 1302 is the quad-slide H3 that we’re really excited about. We’re going to follow it all the way through production. Let’s go around here. Come on in here, Todd. So this is a real dusty area right now, because what they’re doing is they block-sand it, then they machine-sand it, and then they block-sand it again. I was talking with Edgard this morning from our Paint Department about the importance of block sanding. It really smooths out all of the surfaces,
and I’m going to grab Adam’s camera, unless — Adam, do you want to go up there? [Adam] Sure. [Mal] Adam’s gonna climb up there and get us a good shot of what they’re actually doing. So there’s a lot of sanding going on and we don’t want Adam up there too long because there’s a lot of dust going on up there. We don’t have any masks on or anything, and so all the guys that are working up there, they’ve got masks on, and it’s well-ventilated, and it’s sucking all of that dust out, but as you can see… and we’re going to move
on down this way — thank you, Adam, for jumping up there and getting the good shot of them working on it. So we’re going to walk down 1302’s driver
side here. And as you can see, it’s been block-sanded, and… so they block-sand it, they sand it, and then they hand-block-sand it. And what that really does is, that smooths
out the entire surface, so that there’s no imperfections to the fiberglass sides of this coach. We want to ensure that this has a really great painted surface, or a surface to paint on, and so that’s why they go to so much lengths… and you can see them working up there. That’s why they go to so much lengths to make sure that the surface is very pristine. Or as pristine as possible to be painted on. [Sanding noises] And I know it’s loud. But that’s part of the production facility. Let’s move this way. [Sanding noises] Here we are at the front
of the coach. (Here you go, Adam) And as you can see, and hear, there’s a lot going on this morning on 1302. Let’s head this way. And here we are on the curb side. And you can see how the grey primer has gone really down to the fiberglass — that’s the block sanding. That’s ensuring that we have a great surface to paint on. Well, that’s pretty much it. Let’s move out this way. Don’t want to spend too much time in there with all that dust. And also, don’t want to interrupt the process. You know, part of doing Marathon Mondays is making sure we don’t interrupt production. We want to look over the shoulders and talk to everyone on the production floor, as we move along doing the shows every Monday for you, but at the same time what we want to do is, not interrupt production because production is very important, and staying on schedule. There are customers out there that purchase coaches and they want to make sure that they get their coaches on time. And so, we have to stay out of the way sometimes. But… another thing is, the dust. The dust on 1302. Anyway, yeah. You know what, something’s going on over here. Let’s take a look through this window. This’ll show you the masking and painting. Not sure what coach that is or what stage
it’s in, but as you can see, there’s a lot of masking that goes on, a lot of taping off. And that’s one thing that we’re going to see on 1302 in the coming week to two weeks. We’re probably going to check in on 1302 every other week, or maybe every three weeks depending on where it is in production. And we’re just going to make sure that we
get to see it through the process until the customer takes delivery. Anyway, while we’re standing here, Miki are there any questions or comments? [Miki] I’m sure there are! [Todd] She can’t check them. [Mal] Oh! She can’t check them, that’s right, because
Miki’s directing. I tell you what… what’s that? [Miki] I’m sure they are great! [Mal] I’m sure all of your comments are great, and thank you so much for watching everybody. OK, here’s the deal: why don’t you guys out there who are Marathon Monday watchers. For this episode, you ready? Send me your address. On the comments, right there. I want your e-mail. I tell you what: why don’t you just e-mail
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spread the word of Marathon and the beauty of our coaches. Thank you so much for watching. Hope you had a good long weekend. I know that I did with my family. Thank you from all of us here at Marathon
for watching, and yeah. Be yourself and do good things.Take care and see ya next Monday. (And don’t forget to e-mail me).