Paint Chip Repair – Painting How To on Kevins Korner with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey this is kevin’s corner and I’m Kevin
taste well right now we are knee-deep in car
driving season and when you drive your car it’s going to get shipped up no question
about it you’re going to get a little bit of road rash one of the questions that came up on the
last live stream cast that we did was how do you fix rock chips i’m going to show you a technique that
works very well for me and it’s actually a semi permanent repair here’s some of the things that you need
got some 1500 grit sandpaper a couple of different touch up brush styles we’ve got the base coat that we’re going
to do the repair with clear coat catalyst a couple of stainless steel
mixing cups and some little little caps that actually come off the PPS system
that Eastwood cells in the catalogs we’ve also got some eye droppers we’ve
got three dedicated eyedroppers and I’ll explain why later plus a dressed razor blade the same is in the color
sanding and buffing video from the Patriot a shin series and going to show
you how to use them and we’re going to show you what we’re going to use them on
this is just a ford ranger fender with tunnel ram gray and the euro clear on it
that check out these rocket ships here’s what we’re going to show you how to
repair and these guys are kind of gnarly but their typical of the size that
you’re going to run into with a typical leading edge panel and a rock that comes
up and hits it so here’s what we’re going to do first take a good look at your rock chips you see any rest you can take a single
edge razor blade and just kind of scrape the rest out kind of preparatory you’re
not burying something that you shouldn’t and take your 1500 grit sandpaper and
you’re just knocking over the top I’m gonna do both of them just because
what the 1500 grit paper is doing is leveling the area around the chip and
it’s giving your repair something to stick to if that doesn’t make sense now it will
in just a second I’ve got a little bit of base coat on
the paint paddle here and I’ve got a couple of different touch up brushes
these guys are really interesting it’s a brush I picked up from a hobby
shop and it’s got a very small soft and and it makes a really nice job of
putting that paint down in the chip and you don’t want to go crazy just give it a touch make sure
everything’s covered don’t go nuts with paint you want a bit
of a cavity there to hold on to the clear because this is a base coat clear
coat touch up brush and this is not the only brush here’s another one this is your
conventional typical modelers brush now I don’t like using this end it holds too
much paint and it flows out and it just makes too much of a mess i use the back
end of it so again we’re going to take our paint
paddle just touch the end of it and one touch
usually does it pretty clubs you go rockchip touch up it’s a good idea to
let that base coat drive possibly even for an hour or so make
sure it’s good and dry so it doesn’t change color when you add clear to it now here’s where the stainless steel
cuts and the rest of the equipment comes in we’re just going to use just the
smallest did a clear code that’s plenty it’s almost too much this is a catalyst with a plenty in
there so you’re not wasting a bunch of
material the eye droppers come in handy so you can get the precise amount of
material mixed for instance this has a two to one mix ratio on the camp you can also expand it 2421 which
actually works a little bit better for spring the 21 is the recommended ratio
so see on the eyedropper it stands for clear coat here’s where these guys come in we’re
going to go two parts to one part so are clear coat is here we don’t need very much so going with the eye drop with the 21 mix
we want enough to be able to fix a couple of chips so one two three four five six seven
eight now 21 you basically cut it and have to
get the correct ratio so eight drops of clear means four drops of catalyst and
that keeps our two to one ratio scientifically exact and accurate one two three four all right these get cleaned out and they
get set off to the side now with a completely clean eyedropper
because you don’t want to cross-contaminate you can take and mix
is bubbling up a little bit and take much there’s not much there now we’re ready
to fill in the chip with a clear in the perfect mix ratio how about that and coming back to a
rocket ship which we’ve let dr plenty of time and we’re using another one of
these really cool hobby store touch up brushes now dip into the clear little
bit it is saturated and gently apply your
clear that’s one coat just like a base coat
clear coat paint job you want more than one coat and you get the idea of what
we’re doing here it’s a base coat clear coat repaired just like the original
paint job and that’s what makes it such a good solid repair so we want to wait 15 20 maybe even 30
minutes to let this dry to recoat it again to put the other coat of clear on
because you want to build it up over top of the rock chip now I’ve already prepared another
section that we’re going to move to to finalize this repair and here’s the
other chip that we repaired now i want to say this ahead of time and
some colors are easier to fix chips than the others a metallic gray like this tunnel ram
gray of a silver colors they just don’t respond as well but what we’re doing is
a temporary fix to where we can get through the season drivercar have fun
and then fix it later conventionally so we’re taking the single edge razor blade
that we prepped just like on the color sanding and buffing video and we’re
scraping the top offer this chip leveling it into the other surface that’s why we put two coats sometimes even three a clear coat on top
of our fender you want to really carefully monitor your progress here want to watch and make sure these light
spots I want to make sure we’re not digging
our repair out and we’re not shoot ourselves in the foot here i’m going to
color sand around that and make sure that you can bump it up a gloss 1500
grit a little bit of liquid eyes compound yeah start rubbing yeah right there is our fixed rock ship is it
perfect no it’s not but that’s okay because this
is not designed to be a permanent repair if your color matches yes it can be but if it doesn’t it’s
designed to get you through the show season and get you driving so you’re not
worried about that rock chip you’re not going to lose points at a show if you’re
going that far but it also gets you ready for a complete respray without
having to feather this out without having to fill it in with filler because
you’ve now got a base coat clear coat repair on top of this is leveled into
the surface that you can just prep and just do a simple respray in the winter
months when it’s not so fun to drive our project cars so keep this in mind don’t worry about the chips I love the
sink there’s more paint in the can and of course you can get that paint
from the east to accompany so Kevin’s corner we will talk to you next time around