Paint Booth

Hi! Welcome back to Cruisin Automotive. Today we are just going to show you what we’ve been working on in the last few months. This is our full downdraft spraybooth. So, it’s all finished now. We’ve been using it and we are getting some amazing results from painting out of it. So we will have a bit of a look. We’ve bought a fairly big booth so we can cater for Cadillac’s and some of the bigger American cars. We can get them in and paint them in one go. For all your paint needs. Cruisin Automotive, we do everything. Full paint, panel, fabrication. We supply parts. We are the only one-stop shop in Western Australia. So if we have a look out here we also have a preparation room. So this area here is the prep room, where we prepare the cars for painting. It has full ventilation, so … we can … we’ve got good control of all our dust and everything within the shop. One of the projects we are doing here, this is a ’50 Chev pickup that we’ve been um … we’ve fabricated all this into the thin side of the cowl. Fitted new door hinges and the doors are from Dynacorn. So … full repairs and then this … will go on and paint this. So … if you are looking for paint and panel, Cruisin Automotive is where you need to come. Thanks very much.