Paint & Body – Laser Straight Body Lines on Kevin’s Korner from Eastwood

Hey, this is Kevin’s Korner and this is the
Jaded Mustang we’ve been making a ton of progress, and I’m so excited I can’t stand it I’ve got some cool things to show you now you’re going to be seeing a lot of this Mustang and as you know I’m using Eastwood products from the bare metal to the finished clear coat primarily using the new contour line of fillers and primers especially the contour polyester primer
servicer now in my opinion polyester primer surfacer is essential for the blocking process and getting a car laser straight and staying
car laser straight once baby laser straight because the product does
not shrink The poly primer in conjunction with the Eastwood guide coat will allow you to use your visual sense
will allow you to use your visual sense as well as your sanding boards to
really straighten out a car. Now I have to say, when i first looked at this guide coat I
was a little bit skeptical because it quite frankly looks like a spray can
with black paint it’s not it’s not paint it’s guide caot and it dries almost
instantly and doesn’t clog your paper, check it out the guide coat gets sprayed in a mist over top
of your primer surfacer now this is a light colored primer so we’ve got a dark-colored guide coat but
they do have a light colored guide coat for dark-colored primer surfacers and quite simply, you just mist it on give it a few seconds to dry, and start boarding really quickly it becomes very apparent
exactly why a guide coat is important see all these scratches the bald spots here those are high spots the dark spots
are low spots this is going to tell you how flat your surface is so the guide coat in
conjunction with the high bill polly it guarantees that you can
straighten out a panel and you won’t see those crazy waves in the clearcoat when you’re
all down after thoroughly agitating the surfacer, mix according to the instructions in this case, five percent by weight keep agitating until everything is
intermixed you’ll notice when it has a creamy appearance no noticeable separation on top I’m using Eastwood’s new evolution spray
gun with a 2.0 fluid tip which is a large large orifice but the polyester surfacers very thick and needs that kind of fluid tip to get an effective coat out of it Now for the fun part after doing a final wipe down, with Eastwood’s Pre Paint Prep run a tack rag over your surface, to make sure there’s no debris that would get caught under the primer then follow with three medium-wet to wet coats Depending on your temperature and humidity, your dry times might change in between coats now you may find yourself going through the blocking and guide coating process several times, I know I have but believe me trust me this is the time to dial in these panels and make sure that your style lines are straight your flat panels are straight your
crowns are correct there’s no whiskey nicks or door dings still in here because that’s the difference between a paint job and a show car and this is the top coat color for Jaded
this is Eastwood’s low VOC urethane base coat system combined with the European urethane clear and this color is now available from and so is the clear as well as all the other contour products that I’ve used on this car So if you like the way this looks, check out thanks for watching I’ve got some work to do