Paint Additives: Pearls, Flakes & Candies with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

if you’ve ever had any questions or been
nervous about spring pearls or flakes like these ones that we’ve got a display
from Eastwood well we’ve got some great tips that we
want to share with you that will hopefully get your confidence up now keep in mind this is a fraction of
what Eastwood has to offer when it comes to especially coatings pearls flakes and
candies but the tips that we’re going to show you will get you up to speed and
get you set on a direction to where you can properly plan your custom paint job
and do the job right the first time now when it comes to flakes there’s two
schools of thought in flake application and we’re going to talk about both of
them but it all comes down to technique at some point and that’s spray gun
technique you want to make sure that you’re very very consistent because with
specialty custom coatings their way more sensitive to bad technique and
compensating with your spray gun than a conventional base coat or a single-stage
paint system is you can’t come back on the second coat and correct a mistake
because they’re stacked and it’ll amplify so make sure that your technique
is up to speed also prep is king it’s absolutely
critical that your panels are sanded with the record sandpaper all your
panels on your project vehicle are aligned properly because a lot of these
specialty coatings they take like different way and they refract and throw
it back to you so if you’re misaligned your panel gaps
are wrong it’s going to show up and even though your pain technique might be
perfect your projects not ready for it yet and
it shows up in the final outcome so make sure that your T’s across and
your i’s are dotted when it comes to really really super prepping your
vehicle so that way you don’t have any reduce and you can get the custom
effects that you want now as important as spray technique and
prepping your substrate of your panels properly it’s just as critical that you
do some sort of a spray-out panel like we’ve done with these speed shapes it
doesn’t have to be these can be just a piece of sheet metal the point is spray out your custom
effect on something small tour you can see how many coats it’s going to take
what that certain effect colors are going to do even what kind of ground
code that you’re going to need to get your desired effect speaking of ground codes your
traditional candies are either with the gold metallic or silver metallic base
like this skateboard has a silver metallic base and three different tones
of candy all layered up for a spectacular effect and is buried in
clear the point with all of this stuff is this allows you a road map and a
great way to test out the custom effect that you want to get without committed
your project and wasting a lot of time and money now like we said there’s two
schools of thought when it comes to applying flakes there’s dry application
and wet application dry application starts with the ground code of some sort
of a clear and the flakes apply dry with a flake gun like this one from eastwood
until you’ve got full saturation over your wet bed then you come back and bury
it in clear coat and polish out or you can suspend your flakes in an inter code
clear like we’ve done on this gas tank this has a black base and the gold super
flake suspended in inter coat clear and then bathe and clear-cut and rug out of
those two methods I prefer using an inner code clear all school guys used to
dump the flake into the top coat clear and just layer it up until they got the
desired effect well clear coats have changed and they
don’t like those maximum tolerances anymore so what you want to do is use
something like Eastwood’s enter code clear that’s designed to be stacked up and
layered and it’s actually underneath the clear coat so it does two things it
allows you to focus on getting your flakes distributed how you want for your
pearls or your candies and then after that’s done then you can focus on clear
coat application for maximum shine and maximum gloss one more thing about
flakes if you’re applying flakes through a spray gun and it’s a large flake you
want to use a large orifice preferably a 1.8 or a 1.7 even that way the flakes
have room to dance around and do their thing inside the clear coat and lay down
and be distributed evenly one more thing about screenflex most
spray guns like our concourse pro are shipped with gun cup filters that you
can put in between your gun cup and your gun body make sure this is removed
because the fine mesh can actually collect the flakes and with it removed
you’ll always get nice even flake distribution if you’re concerned about
Mick serrations don’t worry eastwood makes it easy we recommend 50 grams per gallon of
spray material these bottles are completely package it 50 grams for a
bottle just dump it into your gallon of inner code clear and you’re ready to go but now i want to show you a very important technique that’s going to
guarantee that your pearls and flakes are applied really really evenly and
professionally there’s an inside term in the custom
painting world called walking the side of a car and this technique is critical
when it comes to spring flakes pearls and especially candies and even in a
regular day-to-day paint job it’s a good idea to have this skill in your skill
set because it promotes the idea and the technique of consistent and even paint
application so if you’ve ever wondered what it means
to walk the side of a car we’re going to show you the problem starts when your
spring within your comfort zone and you’re going from panel to panel within
the zone of area that you have control over well after you layer up a candy six or
seven coats deep you end up with dark spots on either side of your pattern
where you stopped and started we’ve all seen those jobs it’s not pretty so here’s the proper
technique on candy application or even consistent base coat here’s walk inside
of the car we’re starting here it’s as simple as it sounds and i’m
using about a 75-percent overlap paying attention to the distance of my gun from
the substrate for the side of the car and you’ll notice then I’m not cheating
around my wheel openings I’m treating this like a solid box because the candy
doesn’t care even around my mirror I’ve got it masked up I’m painting right
over top of that masking tape so that when i’m finished with the side of this
vehicle my color application is one even consistent coat so what we end up with after layering up
six or ten or however many coats of candy that I need for the effect that I
want we’ve got a beautifully layered panel
that I’ve treated the car like a Kleenex box and it shows perfect consistency so this is a technique that takes a
little bit of practice to master but once you get it under your belt you will never be in bear about a candy job I guarantee you that
and one more thing to avoid splashing this and your coatings always in between
coats pour out of your gun cup into a mixing Cup because just like it settles
in this cup here your flakes and pearls will settle in
the bottom of your mixing Cup and then stir it up again thoroughly agitated pour it into your gun cup before you go
in for your next coat that way you’ll have really consistent
results so make sure you click on the link below for more information on these
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