P0455 evap leak P0011 Camshaft Timing Over Advanced (Fixed)

Okay, we got a Hyundai. We’re gonna be diagnosing check engine light on I got had to do the Genesis game to a hooked up See we have stored for codes It’s gonna go onto generic obd2 codes Gonna have bear with me here still early in the morning on his waking up. Okay diagnostic trouble codes Ten records Okay, it looks like we got an intake camshaft position tongue over-advanced we got a vaporous evaporative emissions systems week gross, okay, so Well, I know in the past on these the evap system basically probably we’re gonna have to do is hook up snow pushing up to it and Smoking make sure we don’t have any leaks. You know we’re gonna check the gas cap stuff like that intake camshaft timing Over-advanced this does have variable valve timing and when a customer buddy And they were actually complaining that I was making some engine noise, and I also Got under the hood check the oil the oil was low and it was dirty so Most likely that’s gonna be what caused this intake timing over advanced code But what I’m going to do with these cause before I even start checking anything is I’m gonna go online and see what kind of problems. They’ve had in the past with some of these things so I’ll be back All right, we’re here on and denna fix typed in one of the codes. I have the piece 0 0 1 1 You can see the vehicle and Marner for 700 Sanada, so Search problems they’ve had with these Multiple causes little control valve oil level oil quality, okay, so came in with a little oil came in with dirty oil So that’s obviously what’s going on at this one, and it’s an easy fix So what I’m gonna. Do is. I’m naturally gonna run in a big haul an engine flush booth. It’s made by P G and the 109 it’s actually a slug, and then we put additive and after that Emily the stuff works amazingly good, so That’s what we’re gonna do the fix our problem We also have This Eel for five five You works on five and that’s why I gave that bleak Well and let’s just walk their domain compromise the turn And These are now results balancer So we’re gonna have to go in and like I said smoke check the intake system if we get any leaks First thing I want to check on these evap codes You get the leak is on the gas cap because in a lot of cases You know people just forget to put the gas cap on loose That’s always very good possibility So I’m gonna go out to vehicle, and I’m gonna have to talk machine up, and we’ll start recording again What we found on this one is I smoked checked it and everything all that checks out of line, but it’s actually no external leaks as far as that goes See this a little better We got the engine cover off here and Thanks get right down here, which is really hard for you guys to see but worried on the right side of the valve cover Right below. Here is your purge valve and the purge valve is actually what’s sticking on this so? You can see that connector anything as a connector for it and hard to see here, but Basically, it’s got a line. Let’s get effect of evap line runs right down the firewall That goes down to the back to the gas tank so we’re gonna replace evap purge valve and then for the Timing code, we’re gonna. Do the oil flush, and I should take care that so