Our electric bus paint job in one of the largest paint booths in America!

Hi everybody! I’m Cliff Steinmetz. Here at
Newman tractor and today we’re working on a fully electric bus! Every day is different here at Newman.
Some days construction equipment, some days our buses. We can take in any side
work as well because we have the booth to accommodate any size of equipment you bring into us! The company worked we’re doing this van for installed this handicap entrance
door. They’ve done some welding here so we’re filling in where they did their
welding. We’ll smooth this out, prime it three colors (two green and a white) and
when we’re done, it’s gonna look like brand new! This here is fishing glaze and it fills
in any imperfections, heavy scratches and after this I’ll be able to prime! We’re taping off, so we get this thing primer’ed and ready for paint! Tape off for these stripes. It may leave a little faint like a tape line. It’s less
noticeable in the white then in the green. So that’s kind of the reason I am
doing the white first. There’s a machine called a prophet machine. Now I’ve cleaned a couple spots and it’s almost like a camera. Put it on the paint
and it takes like several pictures and it makes a paint code. Plug it in the computer, and it’s a one to ten reading. One is good. Ten is not so good. So we’re mixing up look some primer for our electric school bus. We’ll go ahead to our climate controlled paint booth and put 2 to 3 coats and it’ll sit overnight. Tomorrow we’ll come in with a fine grit sand paper sand it, and get it ready for our paint! Lets go primer something! This is a guide to let you make sure
when you do your final sand, you sand all the imperfections outta the primer. Primer final sanding and we’re gonna go in there and start spraying some color! Our roof here, we’re just gonna blend in the green and we’ll buff it out and you’ll never know we blended it in! The bus is all finished. The customers are here to pick it up and it looks like they enjoy what we’ve done for them! Here at Newman Tractor there’s no job
too big or too small. We have one of the biggest paint booths in North America!