Optimize Power in Automotive Electronics, Portable Communication with the Advanced Power System

Hi. My name is Neil Forcier, an engineer with
Agilent Technologies. And in this video I’m going to be talking to you about the new advanced
power system family. The advanced power system family is a family of one and two kilowatt
system power supplies. And the advanced power system was designed to help you solve your
toughest power related test challenges. And in this video we’re going to be talking about
the power test challenge, capturing your DUT’s dynamic current profile. Let’s take a look
at the demo setup. Here in our demo setup we have an advanced power system power supply.
And connected to that we have a vehicle mounted radio that the power supply is powering. Now,
I have a simple program on the PC that’s gonna be used to capture the current profile of
the radio. When working with DUTs where power efficiency is critical, such as portable communication
equipment or vehicle mounted radios, these devices often have a dynamic power model,
meaning when they’re inactive they draw very little current, but when they’re active, such
as when they’re transmitting, they draw very high current. The challenge customers have
told us is how do they capture that very dynamic range of current? Today they use a shunt,
a digitizer or DMM, and a power supply. Now we can do it with just the advanced power
system with its 18 bit digitizer, its two measurement ranges, and its Agilent only technology
known as seamless ranging, that allows us to move from one measurement range to another.
Let’s take a look at the demo. So now I’m going to start our simple program that’s going to
capture the dynamic current profile of the radio. Let me key the radio a couple times
to create our dynamic current profile. So here we have our dynamic current profile from
our vehicle radio. You can see the large transmit pulses that took place when I keyed the radio.
If we look at the low level current we don’t really see anything. But if I go ahead and
zoom in we can actually see that we have some low level current activity down into the hundredths
of milliamps. So we are able to capture down to hundredths of milliamps in great detail
up to 30 amps of this wide dynamic measurement range of current using the APS. Why? Because
we had our 18 bit digitizer, we had our two measurement ranges, and we were able to seamlessly
move from one measurement range to another to capture the clear dynamic current range
of the vehicle mounted radio. So in this video we looked at how the advanced power system
can be used to capture your devices dynamic current profile using an 18 bit current digitizer
built in, two measurement ranges, and an Agilent only technology known as seamless ranging.
For more information on how the advanced power system can help you solve your toughest test
challenges, see our test challenge web pages. For more information on the advanced power
system family of products, see the advanced power system web pages. And to watch more
videos on the advanced power system, browse YouTube. Thanks for watching.