OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics

Most of us only get our car checked over at the workshop once a year. But that means small issues can grow into bigger problems. So with Opel OnStar, you can set up a monthly
health check. That’s 12 online checks every year…
…at no extra cost. We remotely look at major vehicle systems, including airbags, engine, and transmission, as well as oil life and tire pressures.
Then we send you the results in a convenient monthly email. Simple.
And if a dashboard warning light comes on, or something just doesn’t feel right, don’t
worry. Just press the blue Service Button to speak
to an advisor. “Thank you for calling OnStar. This is Peter,
how may I help you?” “One of my dashboard lights has come on.
Can you check it for me please?” “No problem, I’ll run a diagnostic check
for you now.” OnStar’s diagnostic tools make driving safer,
cheaper, and even more enjoyable. Opel OnStar. Your personal connectivity and
service assistant.