Omise’s online payment solution for the automotive industry #BMWThailand

BMW segments its online activities into 3 main parts The first part is “Online Sales” When looking to purchase a new car, it’s only normal for people to want to try it out before making a decision Every single car has its own unique character. People generally want to do a test drive The online channel helps with sales to a certain extent. It’s necessary to have, but it’s still not everything There are certain experiences customers simply can’t get when searching through online or digital channels But it’s not something we can just leave out If you want to know some more information about a car at midnight, you’re able to do research on it Online sales is effective when it comes to limited edition models as it ensures everyone gets a fair chance during reservation It’s a borderless channel, everyone in the country has the same chance in booking our limited edition models This is how we’d like to serve our customers. Delivering a well-thought-out experience The second part, a lot of people may already know about is the “Infotainment” The is our real-time traffic information and entertainment system Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic, you can instantly purchase a video (right in your car) The third part is “Community” We offer a number of activities for our customers There are 4 categories: dining, traveling, shopping and entertainment Having an online payment gateway in place helps increase our efficiency and performance as well as improve customer service For example, when customers are in a queue on our website They definitely want to know if they’ll get a reservation or not, right? Being able to manage everything quickly and on-the-spot means a shorter duration for the reservation process This brings about an effective workflow I can say that it’s a complete process I’m happy to have Omise as our partner