Ohio River Valley Transportation & Infrastructure – NASA DEVELOP Fall 2018 @ MSFC

The Ohio River is a significant
contributor to the social economic and environmental prosperity of the region.
While the river is a valuable resource providing electricity manufacturing and
recreation it is prone to disastrous flood events most recently occurring in
February 2018. These frequent events disrupt surface transportation and limit
disaster response by preventing relief organizations from providing aid to
those in need. By using NASA Earth observations we can identify safe routes
for emergency responders to take during a flood event. The NASA DEVELOP team
partnered with the National Weather Service the Federal Emergency Management
Agency the Kentucky division of water and the NASA a short term prediction and
research transition Center. While each agency utilizes earth observations to
varying degrees the results of this project will allow our partners to make
informed decisions regarding flood response. The DEVELOP team aimed to
identify regions within the valley vulnerable to flooding provide optimal routes
for transportation during flood events and evaluate which infrastructure is
likely to be impacted. To meet these objectives the team utilized Sentinel 1
Landsat 8 global precipitation measurement and shuttle radar topography
mission to develop a flood risk map of the region. Secondary data sets such as
soil and population were used to detect the most vulnerable communities in a
region. A disaster response to optimal roadmap was also created to identify
accessible routes during these events these products will be used to
efficiently reduce emergency response times for the most vulnerable people in
the region. Finally an infrastructure impact analysis was conducted to
evaluate important infrastructure that could be impacted by a flood our
partners will use these end products to make informed decisions prior to flood
events by warning communities at risk to evacuate in by dispatching responders
with the appropriate routes to take.