Offroad Porsche Detail Part 1: How To Wash A Dirty Porsche – Chemical Guys

“I’m sure there is going to be more than one
unpleasant surprise before we’re done” Hey guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today Alex and I are going to be detailing
this Porsche Boxster. You can see it’s super dirty super filthy,
we’ve got our work cut out for us. Alex take it away. This car came to us from a friend, he decided
he wanted to go off road for the fun of it. He drove through a big puddle of mud. He had the need for speed and it got very
dirty. He drove through the puddle with the top down. So we have this dirty interior, steering wheel,
cluster, leather and convertible top, this car is filthy. So in this video we are going to show you
guys how to wash the exterior and get it looking as good as we can with a wash. Stay tuned! To start off I’m using the Duck Foam Sprayer
attached to the Diablo Wheel Gel. As I spray it’s going to aerate the product
giving me a nice thick foam which helps clean and loosen the dirt to add lubrication when
I use my brushes. I also sprayed it in between the spokes, lug
nuts and barrel to loosen the dirt up. Remember that Diablo Wheel Gel encapsulates
the dirt particles, so when you go over it with the brush it’s not going to scratch since
the dirt is encapsulated in the foam. Here I’m adding about an ounce of Diablo Wheel
Cleaner to my bucket which is going to foam and give my brushes more cleaning power and
lubrication. Why is it important to be lubricated? The foam acts as lubrication as you’re cleaning. So no dry friction? No dry friction here, just reducing scratches
and any other imperfections. Here I’m filling my second bucket with water
which will be used as my rinse bucket. Typically we don’t use two buckets to clean
rims but this vehicle is so dirty we didn’t want to take a chance of scratching it so
we’re using two buckets. That’s a nice thick brush you got there. That’s my Concours Wheel Brush Alex. Its long and thick so it helps me get in the
back of the barrel and in between the spokes. It’s super flexible with the cleaning bristles
that will clean the surface. It looks like you’re going pretty deep there. You have to Alex. Starting from the top down I’m cleaning between
the spokes and barrel. You want to start from the top because if
you start at the bottom all the dirt from the top is going to coat the clean surface. Looks like you’re agitating pretty vigorously
there. Thanks for noticing. Now I’m going to rinse off my dirty brush
in this clean bucket of water that way I can reduce the amount of dirty water in my clean
soapy water bucket. With all that scrubbing you were doing it
doesn’t surprise me that some kind of dirt and residual comes on your brush. Yeah, I learned that technique from you Alex. Now I’ve got most of the dirt out using the
Concours Wheel Brush, I’m going to get the face of the wheel using the Green Flagged
Tip Brush. It’s a soft brush that won’t scratch the surface
but still able to scrub all the dirt off. Here I’m using the Best Detailing Brush to
get in the small areas and crevices like the lug nuts and spokes. It’s a great little brush to get in small
areas. I went ahead and sprayed a little more Diablo
into the lug nuts and on the brush to give me more cleaning power and lubrication. This is the Stiffy Blue Brush. It’s a great strong bristle brush which is
able to really scrub the dirt away. This brush is best used for surfaces such
as these tires, not the rims or the paint because this will in fact scratch. So the final step is to rinse off the wheel
and get all the dirt, debris and soap off. The reason you want to clean your wheels first
is because if you wash the car and then the wheels afterward. The water on top of the car is going to create
water spots and this will create more work for yourself. The whole idea is to save time as you work. Usually you want to do your wheels first and
then the body. Especially on a vehicle like this one that
was so dirty that if we cleaned the vehicle first and then the tires we would bring all
that dirt back on to the paint. It’s time to raise the roof. The reason we want to raise the roof is so
we don’t get any more water inside the vehicle. It’s not like the interior will get any worse
by getting water in there but we don’t want to harm any electrical components. Now it’s time to prepare our Foam Cannon. Best way to prepare it is to fill it up with
water to this line. Then add about two ounces of your favorite
soap, in this case we’re using Glossworkz Auto Bath. And another ounce of it because this car is
muddy so we want to get the best results. Then put it back together and shake well. Right here we are preparing our rinse bucket. This is the bucket we are going to put our
wash mitt into. This is our soap bucket. The soap bucket is going to be filled with
soap…like so. Add about one ounce, this is going to act
as lubrication while creating suds for more foam on the vehicle. Now let the games begin. This is the part where you attach the lance
to the pressure washer and turn this knob to get the maximum amount of foam. Start foaming her down from head to toe. Get in the wheel wells, cover the entire car. There’s no right or wrong way to foam a car. Just make sure you get to all the areas. You know you did a good job foaming down a
car when you can’t even see the original color. Glossworkz is a synthetic formula and it’s
very thick. So once you do get it on there it will leave
a high shine while picking up those dirt particles and encapsulate them. Right here you detach the Foam Cannon and
start preparing your wash bucket. Once you dip the wash mitt in there you get
all the suds and work from top to bottom. Here we are starting from the top of he hood
and working our way down. We’re using gravity to our advantage. Wiping off all the foam and dirt. It’s usually best to use long straight lines. Once your mitt has enough dirt particles,
you make your way to the rinse bucket and dip it like so. It is releasing dirt particles and be sure
to take it out of the bucket and wring it out outside the bucket. Getting rid of all that dirty water. Once that’s done go back to the soap bucket
and get more suds then repeat the process. Hey Alex, why is it a good idea to wipe in
long straight lines? Because I said so! It’s a good idea because the last thing you
want to do is create a scratch and it reduces the chance of creating any scratches or swirls
in the paint. Right here Agent Smolder makes his way over
to the car and eventually gets to this quarter panel that was already clean… Shut up. Back and forth Now it’s time to rinse down the car. Rinse from top to bottom. Last thing you want to do is get foam in areas
that have already been rinsed off. It’s always a good idea to start from the
top and make your way down to the bottom. Also don’t forget the wheel wells, remember
you threw some soap in there, you don’t want soap to dry in there. After that get the car in a shaded area
and start drying it off. Here I’m using After Wash to spray on the
whole vehicle which is going to release the surface tension of the water making it easier
for Alex to dry. It’s also going to leave behind a lot of shine. I’m using the Miracle Dryer Towel and going
over the areas that Nick sprayed down. After Wash is going to break down those water
molecules and make it very easy for me to dry this car. You can see I’m just wiping in one direction. It’s easy to pick up those water molecules
that have been broken apart using this microfiber towel because it adds a nice high shine and
makes for a quick dry time. Damn this car is looking good. Not quite, there is a little detail that I’m
not happy about. Good call! Now it’s perfect. I’m surprised how clean the car is compared
to how dirty it came in, we made a big difference. So if you want to learn more about these products
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how this interior gets cleaned by Matt, click the link down below. We’ll see you guys next time.