NYC DOT Connected Vehicle Pilot – Part 3

In total the New York City connected
vehicle pilot will test 14 safety applications. Let’s take a closer look at
a few of the connected vehicle safety applications being deployed in New York
City. One in four pedestrian deaths and injuries involve turning vehicles on New
York City streets Connected vehicle technology can provide a life-saving alert to a driver turning at an intersection, warning the driver
that a person is in the adjacent crosswalk In New York City speeding is a
leading cause of traffic fatalities Connected vehicle technology can warn a
speeding driver to slow down, helping the driver avoid a crash, comply with speed
limit, and avoid costly speeding fines Red light running in New York City
causes dangerous and sometimes deadly right-angle collisions. The red light
detection application can give advance notice to a driver approaching a traffic
signal that’s about to turn red, helping the driver prepare to stop safely. The
pilot phases include 20 months of designing, building, and testing
technology. 18 months of activation and evaluation of the connected vehicle
technology, including the deployment of 8,000 connected vehicles on new york
city streets, over 300 intersections and smartphones. As well as a collection and
data analysis period to evaluate operations and safety benefits for New
York City and beyond New York City Connected Vehicle Pilot |
For Safer Transportation