NY1: New York City’s Automotive Internship Program

Alright, moving on now, some high school
students are spending their summer under the hood learning a trade that all but
guarantees a pretty good gig after graduation. Clodagh McGowan is here with that story and more as we go ‘Around the Boroughs’ Hi, Clodagh. Hi there, Cheryl. And it’s a far cry from your typical summer job. These high school students are interested in becoming mechanics, and they’re definitely getting their hands dirty this summer in Queens. The City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services has partnered with the Department of Education to have automotive high school students get paid to work on City vehicles. All is part of a paid internship. At a garage in Long Island City, these students who were already learning to repair vehicles are now already learning to repair vehicles are
now working on keeping vehicles in the fire department’s fleet up and running.
Officials say these kids are the mechanics of the future. “A lot of the
automotive interns who will start their careers in these internship programs
during high school will eventually become City mechanics and spend 25-30
years repairing the City’s absolutely critical fleet.” The city operates the
largest municipal fleet in the country and that’s more than 30,000