NSW Online Registry – Licence and Vehicle Registration Appeals

You can click on any dot point on screen now to skip ahead to that section of the video. From the home page of the Online Registry website, click Login If you haven’t already registered, click the register button to set up your online account. You must be registered before you can file forms online. Enter your username and password, then click Login The Search case list screen displays. The forms to start a new case are located on the right of the screen. Select the Licence or Vehicle Registration Appeal form to begin You have the right to appeal to the Local Court if you received either: a letter from the Roads and Maritime Services about a driver’s licence or vehicle registration decision or, an immediate licence suspension notice from the NSW Police Start by selecting the type of appeal you wish to make. Whether you’re appealing an RMS decision or a Police decision, you will need the details from the suspension letter, including the date the letter or notice was issued. For RMS Licence and Registration appeals, you must file your appeal to the Local Court within 28 days of receiving the RMS letter. You will need to enter the number listed as ‘Licence No.’ on your driver’s licence. Do not enter the Card Number. If you’re completing a registration appeal, you will need your vehicle registration number here. Click Next to continue If you require support services, click Yes here. Support services include physical, cognitive, psychiatric or other disabilities Select any services required from this list, however you should be aware that not all services are available at all court locations Click Next to continue You should briefly state the grounds of your appeal here. Refer to the Help content if you require additional information about completing your grounds of appeal Your grounds for appeal may state; Click Next to continue To complete the payment and submit the form, select the form, then click Next. This will step you through our secure credit card payment facility. When approved, you will receive an email to confirm your submission. This email will contain the application notice, which is a PDF document enclosed in a zip file, and a tax invoice for your payment. The approved court form will contain the court seal and a barcode, and will also contain details about when you should attend court. When you attend court, you must bring a printed copy of the application notice, along with your original RMS or Police Suspension letter. If you need additional legal support prior to attending court, you should contact LawAccess NSW and please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the latest products from NSW Courts online services