Novelis Aluminum in Automotive Applications

The automotive industry is transforming. For decades, horsepower, style and comfort
drove consumer preference. Today, societal concerns about fuel economy
and greenhouse gas emissions are driving the development of a new generation of vehicles. Vehicles that consume less fuel… or no fuel at all. Vehicles that are lighter, stronger, safer. Vehicles with less environmental impact. All of this while delivering the same comfort,
utility and performance that consumers demand. “Lightweighting is probably THE most important
lever we can pull to improve fuel efficiently, because when you make the vehicle lighter,
it takes less energy to move it. So when we think about lightweighting and
we think about our portfolio of vehicles, for us to have the biggest impact, we’re
going to want to do lightweighting on our highest volume products.” Critical to achieving this goal is weight
reduction through the use of advanced aluminum alloys. For this, automakers are turning to Novelis,
the largest and most innovative supplier of aluminum sheet, with the largest global footprint
— and the industry leader in sustainability. “We looked at the energy to make the previous
steel car, we looked at the fuel consumption, and we compared it with the aluminium product.
On the Range Rover we saved over 400 kilos. That directly translates into a 23% fuel economy
savings and about a 25% CO2 reduction — up to 10 tonnes!” With nearly 40 years of experience serving
the auto industry, Novelis is the technology leader in aluminum metallurgy, surface finish and innovative applications for the automotive industry. Sustainability is at the heart of our vision
of the future. We have created the most forward thinking,
closed loop recycling process in the industry by designing systems which take manufacturers’
scrap back into our process while the vehicle is in production. And, at the end of the vehicle’s natural
life, we are creating workflows to bring this “end-of-life” aluminum back into the system,
to be re-melted, cast and rolled ready for new vehicles to be created. “One of the things that’s really important
to keep in mind is that, when it comes to aluminum, making new aluminum out of already
existing aluminum is much more environmentally sustainable. Something on the order of 95%
less energy use, 95% less greenhouse gas emission, when you think in terms of circular economy
versus mined bauxite.” “We’re now designing for disassembly and
re-use, so that we’ve got a bigger source of end-of-life material that we can make into
future Jaguar Land Rover products.” Novelis is the world’s largest aluminum
recycler and we source the majority of our metal from recycled content. This unique position allows us to significantly
reduce the energy needed to create our products and enables our customers to produce vehicles
that are more environmentally responsible. Our technology, our sustainability leadership
and our global manufacturing presence make us the supplier of choice to such groundbreaking
vehicles as the new Range Rover, the world’s first all-aluminum sport utility vehicle,
and the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 pickup truck, which is making headlines all across
America. The automotive world is undergoing a dramatic
transformation — and Novelis is making it possible. It’s not just aluminum, it’s Novelis Aluminum.