Nissan Concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show for Nissan is all
about re-inventing the sports car. It has two concepts. This crazy one here is the Bladeglider Concept
all-electric car, picking up where the Nissan Leaf left off. It takes inspiration from various
race cars it has been developing over the last few years. There was the Delta Wing which
raced at Le Mans and also the Nissan ZEOD which will also race. But this is the road-going version, it’s all-electric,
it has got space for three people in the staggered, McLaren F1 seating position, and we’ve been
told by one of the Nissan bosses that is it absolutely sublime to drive. Moving over here, this is called the IXD.
It’s a 2+2 sports car coupe rival to the Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86. They have taken a different
angle with this car. It’s all about attracting younger customers and rather than taking a
guess about what young people want, they brought together a group of about 100 of them and
these young people helped them with the design process, right from the beginning to the concept
car you see here. It’s not going to be particularly fast. They
are planning to put small turbocharged petrol engines under the bonnet but it will be fun,
highly personalised, affordable and efficient. If you look over there, they have actually
done a Nismo version. The best thing about these two cars? I’ve spoken to Nissan bosses
and they are in the business plan and they want to make them happen. These two cars are
going to go into production.