Newest Work Sharp Tool for Father’s Day

here’s a tip for you. Use gloves when
working with expanding foam! Hey there it’s the shooting guy and the shooting
kid so what’s up with that special tip yeah well it’s getting to be red wasp
season around here in Texas and I’m trying to do some preventative things
and so I was using expanding foam and spraying in some of the cracks and
crevices where I know those little boogers are getting in because I can
hear I’m getting in there so I didn’t use gloves that even said to use gloves
and I didn’t can so I’ve got it all over my hands it really kind of messes it up
so if you see it in the yeah if you see it in the tabletop portion that’s what’s
going on sorry about that guys speaking of tabletops we got a review on the
workshop hockey nice sharpener for you guys the work sharp pocket knife
sharpener is a very lightweight very pocketable knife sharpener that you can
take with you anywhere just slip it in your pocket in your bag and you can
sharpen your knives wherever you go the built-in sharpening guides make it easy
to put a razor-sharp edge using the diamond sharpening play in a ceramic die
Rob yeah so before we demo it or anything for you let’s look at the specs
overall length six inches it’s one and three-quarter inches wide it’s a
half-inch thick it weighs in at one in five-eighths ounces the diamond plate is
320 grit it has a fine grit ceramic rod it’s got two lanyard holes
one here one there it has great rubbery grips that you can
hold on to no matter what position you’re in the guides on the diamond side
are at 20 degrees the guides on the ceramics side are at 25 degrees is
anybody in a way there’s a little – it comes with instructions The Wrap that it
comes in serves as instructions to which I promptly tore up and does not look
very good but if you’re a little more careful it’ll be better for you okay I
put tape on it it looks better now all right shooting kid we’re done with
the tabletop you want to sharpen tonight yeah truck or not hey what do you got oh
my gosh you’re Katie gokhan nice it’s a very cool knife review point up soon so
stay tuned for that so you got the work sharp pocket knife sharpener let’s
sharpen away so we’re gonna use the diamond plate first yep 320 grit now
that seems like it’s really kind of gritty but it does work when you sharpen
some other things with it and it seems to work pretty well give me a few swipes
these ramps here are set at 20 degrees yeah they’re close you come back yeah I
like going and then you’re gonna pass you pass it over the other side and
we’ll use the ceramic rod and it’s set for 25 degrees and there’s a reason for
that mat aggressive more aggressive 25 degrees I’ll take that burn off plus
boom one thing you want to make sure you do is you don’t have it like that or
like that you want to make sure it’s nice and on there nice and flat nice and
flat so that way you’re using a way was designed for yep it works yeah and at least takes the
rough edges off and reasonably sharp knife do I need a touch-up that’s what
the word sharp parking are sharper is good for if you need a really good job
then go with a little bit of something more heavy gee well there you have it
folks yeah that’s right and if you need a gift
for Father’s Day cause father day is coming up or just any yeah soon yeah and
any gift giving kind of opportunity or if you just want to get one for yourself
we’re gonna have links down below where you can pick yourself up on movies and I
think you’re really going to enjoy it I know we we enjoy it the the grit is all
I know like we talked about in the sharpening portion it’s a little on the
gritty side but it really does work well when you use that incorporated with the
ceramic run and it does make things sharp it as you saw so take a look at
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thank you very very much well you know that’s all we had for you today we’re
gonna take off we’re gonna see you next time
god bless you god bless america and may america was gone all right that’s what
serpents and knives