New Wiring Device and Circuit Breaker Factory Starts in Vietnam [Panasonic]

Hi my name is Le Ngoc Hung for Panasonic Eco Solutions Vietnam. Today, we celebrated the grand opening of its new wiring device and circuit breaker factory kicking off full-scale production in Binh Duong Province of Vietnam. The grand opening ceremony was held with many guest and officials such as Vietnamese government officials, partners and media. We anticipate dramatic economic growth in Vietnam By manufacturing wiring devices and breakers this factory will support local and national growth The new factory of approximately 8,900 square meters has the production capacity of 30 million units of wiring devices and 5.15 million units of breakers in the first year. It is anticipated to double by fiscal year 2018. The factory makes use of technologies and manufacturing expertise from Japan to enable fast and flexible production. Our new factory focuses on wiring devices With Panasonic products for saving and creating energy it an eco-conscious facility In the future, we hope to expand our business and manufacture other types of electronics Everybody very happy with this new product high quality, so all of us believe that with this trend, we will expand, increase more sales in wiring device and all the ECM product. Thank you for Panasonic investment in new factory in Vietnam. The factory will also act as a showroom to allow visitors to experience our high quality manufacturing. Using this advanced factory as a core manufacturing base, Panasonic will use a “local production for local consumption” business strategy to address the increasing demand in Vietnam. For more information, please visit our website.