New Waterborne System Is Our Best Basecoat Ever

[music] I’m Tom Griffin, president of Mayfield Collision
Centers, with two locations on the east side of Cleveland. We’ve been in business for 28 plus years
now. What paint system you use is the third biggest
decision any shop owner must make. So when we had the opportunity to spray the
Ultra 9K, we jumped on it and within a day, two at the most, we’ve see significant improvements. Now, two months later whatever, it’s just
happened day in day out. Consistency, predictability, quality, speed,
happier employees. It’s been win, win, win. There is absolutely no downside to the Ultra
9K. Everybody wants the perfect paint system. And if there is such a thing, this is absolutely
it. Finding your color with Ultra 9K is very simple
with the color access system. You plug in the code and it brings everything
right up—your variances, you get a nice color chip library you use. You go check them. What you mix is what you get on the card. And 99.9% of the time, they’re matching
great. And we’re painting cars. The best thing about Ultra 9K is the color
match. I’ve never seen anything like it. It amazes me. And the coverage, too. I started laughing on a silver because it
covered so fast I couldn’t believe it. I was like, “Man, my job is really going
to get a lot easier.” What it looks like before you hit bake, it’s
going to look like that afterwards. You’re not going to get any profiling popping
out on blend panels. You’re not going to get pinching up and
dye back. Get a really nice gloss every time. I say definitely try it. I think you’d probably be fool not to because
it works very well. I’ve been painting cars long time and I enjoy painting
again. Because it’s easy. It looks good.