New VW Golf 8 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video in hard times I still have in the computer a few videos that I want to
share it with you and those video in those video it’s also this brand new
VW Golf 8 2020 this is the basis version guys that come with a top
difficult control at standard also Lane Assist
emergency brake and LED lights in the back only for the tail light in the
front we have LED lights only for the daylight and you can see right here in
the front I will show you how to review this new Volkswagen Golf 8 interior
exterior and I try to give you as many detail as possible this version here
it’s 1.5 liter petrol 130 horsepower 4 cylinder and 6 gear
manual so also in the back we have full LED light also for the blinkers as well
and also for the tail light you can see here in the in the images a little bit
better actually this is the standard car with what if you want to buy this new
goal for 8 this is the way it will come and you will see in this video and in a
few moment the way the come will come like like naked you know what I mean
like like basis version also you will see the price in a second and all the
information about the car and then we will go inside and I try to show you
also the interior and all the details here the blinkers on the mirrors are
also a lady light the mirrors are pretty simple combination of white with some
plastic here down here and the mirror also you can see it from here
very very well it’s pretty simple it’s very similar with the previous version
of golf in the front the LED light the blinkers
our normal bulb light and also the the normal headlamps are just bulb light no
LED only the daylight it is LED lights so now let me show you a few information
about the car before we go forward so we have here as I told you before you have
here all the information the price of this car it’s 31 thousand francs the
same in dollars around 29 thousand euro this is the starting price of this car
you can pause the video right here and read all this information if you are
interested in them 6.3 liter is the consumption of the car we have keyless
entrance in the car you can see here the newest technology also another cool
stuff that I like it very much is this LED light insertion in the handles it
looks super nice in the night it makes the car much much more fancy and also
this LED come as standard with the car so that’s another cool stuff that I like
it very much I like also the lines around the car the shape of the car it’s
a little bit change from the previous version not so much but just a little
bit around the edges of the windows you have this matte rubber kind of rubber
around the windows big windows great visibility from the interior we will go
in the interior a little bit later and you will see it as well here we have the
radio antenna on the roof in black glossy and we have the roof spoiler
right here it’s pretty similar with what we see on the previous version the LED
brake lights of course the car come with we have the wipers in the back for the
reverse window and other than that just a little bit of changes here and there
we have a line between the tail light here we have the new logo from golf and
also golf writing under the logo it’s in my opinion it’s a little bit nicer the
new logo we have four parking sensors in the back and then these light reflectors
and down there no exhaust pipe this time Volkswagen with the new golf 8 choice to
go without any exhaust pipes just a little bit of plastic here we have LED
lights on the number plate as well but kind of impressive they chose to take
out the exhaust pipes I think they want to go closer to the electric cars and
clean cars it looked more much more cleaner like that the tank it’s on the
right side just to keep in mind then we have the basis rims right here that the
car come with so if you wondering those are the rims we have two Bridgestone
tires Bridgestone tires are pretty pretty good and also I think the car
come with I’m not sure I think they are 16 inch rims if I’m not wrong yes 16
inch rims down here no plastic is just the paint of the car
you can see on the on the edges down here under the car so yeah it’s just
pretty pretty simple same as the previous version now you can see also in
the front we have to break this ventilated disc and then the front of
the cars a little bit change it has a little bit different lines and sharp
edges there also I like the new headlamps the way they do this line
they’re a little bit out like that it look a little bit more feminine I think
the front of the new Golf eight it’s a little bit more feminine also here we
have the camera and raining sensors the camera help Lane Assist and reading the
traffic speed limit this comes standard with the car also behind the new logo
here we have the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all
that safety technology that come also standard with a new walzog and go of
eight that’s a good thing in this price to have all that tech also for parking
sensors in the front the front grille it’s very similar and very
simple with what we see the previous years here is the engine if you want to
see the engine they look very similar with previous years the air filter right
there the battery the fuse box in the right side on the left side we have
those liquid coolant for the brakes stuff like that anyway
the biggest change on these new Volkswagen Group 8 it is the interior
guys in the interior the dashboard the new multimedia system it’s much more
different also the ambient light is much better and you will see also this in a
moment and I like very very much the interior of this new golf 8 in my
opinion look super nice and I don’t know if you see the test drive with the other
version automatic the 8 TSI the hybrid Milt hybrid if you didn’t see it check
out on my channel guys I have another full review test drive and with with the
new go of it but the other version the the hybrid Milt hybrid versions of check
it out there you will see the automatic gearbox and you will see the interior
and how is the new golf 8 in action now let’s go inside the trunk here as
usually you know you can take this protection out it looked very similar
with previous years and then here you have some plastic a few like to
three-centimeter deepness some storage space in the left side and the right
side hooks 12 volt port here very very practical LED lights in the trunk a lot
of hooks in every corner under the floor here guys we have plenty of space if I
can say like that plenty plenty of space to put your stuff and also you you have
this new thing here that they add it right now this is very helpful because
you can put this up and then it will stay automatic you don’t have to hold it
all the time it’s just a automatic like that I like this little little detail
that they add to the car and then you can see here how much
space you have and yeah it’s kind of 40 centimeter deepness also you can take
this out and adjust it and put it much much down much lower so the same like on
the audi a3 you have plenty of space you can carry all four tires when you go to
change your tires you can put it all in here very easily so the space in the
trunk for this car for this class it’s pretty good so now you can see it also
without this protection for the trunk great great big entrance inside here you
can put a lot of stuff also here in the middle you can fold this down and carry
long items if you go to skis for example and then you still have two passengers
in the left in the right in the same time so this is another cool stuff that
I like about this car now you can see it with old see it’s folding down and also
the trunk a little bit to the trunk floor all the way down so you can see
here the space I will put it also up if you need a flat floor you can put this
up very simple at one hand you can do it in just one second and you have a flat
floor there I have a golf if you check out on my channel you will see I have a
golf GTA before and it was super nice practical you can take fridges you can
take mobile parts inside here so it’s quite big and I was really happy with
the space actually the car it is amazing what wagon did a great job with with
golf and you have great visibility the big entrance in the car here I like it
very much so also you can go inside the car without any problem from the side
from this part you can see it better you can also see the LED light on the doors
the ambient light you can change the colors also up here we have LED lights
on the roof so pretty awesome and also the ambient light on the door
you can change the color I will show you also a little bit later in the video
also you have some space on the legs where you can put your grocery for
example or if you still need some space after you fold down the seats you can
put it down there and also I like the shape of the windows the window shape it
remember me about the new BMW 1-series if you see it on my channel if you
didn’t see it check it out they have the same design on the on the windows in the
back here is the LED insertion on the door the handle we have here soft fabric
material in this area and also here then we have the electric window button and
some storage space again LED lights there ambient light and then we have the
speaker so kind of classic nice nice design on the door pretty good it looked
good and it’s perfect the soft material it’s where it should be now you can see
all seat up just like that and you can see how much space you still have here
we have fabric material in this basis version as you can see it here with this
price around 30 thousand euro you get what you see in this car a little bit of
change we have behind the front seats you have done again to storage space up
here this is something new then we have the band’s pneumatic system right here
the vents are very simple and then we have two USB port USB C port down there
very useful these days they did a great job with them and I find it very very
useful and become basis with car so that’s that’s awesome and I’m quite
impressed that you can buy this car with only 30,000 euro with a lot of new
technology the seats are pretty good you know also to make great seats very
comfortable even for long trips to cup holders right here
in case you need it also the easel fix for a kid is there and yeah great space
we will go also inside to show you the space on the legs on the head so going
inside here guys closing the door for a realistic view and then you will see on
my knees I have plenty of space not big a lot of space and stretch my leg a
little bit in the front there no wonder why I have to hold on and golf before I
remember now that the car it was it’s awesome a lot of space great visibility
other windows also it has five stars rating on the air own cup so it is an
amazing car really vols I don’t know how to do cars also handle hooks quality on
the roof pretty soft material very good quality it’s not all Qatar but it’s it’s
very good quality also the front you will see it in the moment we will go on
the front as well also you can see the position of the seats in the front it’s
a normal position going in the middle again I have plenty of space on my knees
as you can see as expected also Volkswagen Golf has a nice shape from
the exterior they make that shape that that’s the perfect combination of design
and space you can see almost stretch my hand three people in the back no problem
I always forget how good the Volkswagen Golf is I really forget until I see
these new models and then they remember me why I buy I brought before to golf I
have a golf 6 and a golf 7 I owned before and I was really happy with them
but now I have an electric car because electric cars are much better than the
combustion engine cars but yeah I think those women will make amazing electric
cars in the future so looking forward for them all so I just
reviewed a new ID free you can check out on my channel the full electric I be
free from both of them you find it on my channel the review also soft material on
the doors in the front on the upper side as well then we have the buttons lock
unknown look then we have some plastic here insertion in gray and then the
ambient light you can see there you can see the trim the same as in the back we
have a little bit of plastic and then we have the fabric material right here
where it should be the handle the electric windows and the electric
mirrors the same button surpassed the previous version a lot of space in the
door speaker right there and yeah going inside right here guys and you will see
it is amazing I love the new dashboard I love the new cockpit the new digital
display it looked much better much fancy you feel like in a very premium car you
have a button there where you can open it kind of a touch screen button its
super fancy and in my opinion look very very good we will go into detail a
little bit later about this new multimedia system and also the seats in
the front are also the same as in the back fabric material we have side
support we have kind of nice design there in the middle also manual
adjustable seat pedals normal pedals and yeah here you can adjust the steering
wheel the way you want it up down forward backward very simple and yeah
even the headrest you can adjust it the way you want it here we have the vents
the new vents this time they they add these new vents right here they change
the design of the – they look very nice and I think in my opinion they position
it very well right there the plastic that continuing from the door it’s right
here in the grey and then I love this new glossy plastic here and also
those buttons kind of a touchscreen buttons the same as on the woody guys if
you know the new hobbies they come and they bring this from Aldi right here on
this on this call fate and I love the way it feels when you touch those
buttons feel so premium feel so new from the new century so really like those
buttons those new buttons and the way they design the call feel really nice
also dashboard soft material everywhere we have this same rubber as we have it
before but it’s soft and that’s that’s a good thing also we have a speaker big
speaker right there by the way about the speakers a great quality sound I test it
a little bit before and it sounded really good
also ambient light here on the dashboard also you can change you have around
around 30 colors that you can change it the same plastic here nice design nice
stream I like this plastic I don’t know they they make a nice design inside
there then you have this integrated multimedia system that it’s most of it
touchscreen even the chromatic system you have to use the touchscreen in order
to change different stuff it’s not so easy to use you need a little bit time
to get used with it you know I was having a little bit of problem first
time I mean in order to to learn all the stuff but you need a little bit of time
to learn it the steering wheel it’s nice is the new one it looks very nice also
the buttons are similar it’s the same buttons the same array as on the
previous version the new logo right here in the middle look much better I like
much better this new logo also on the right side here we have the controller’s
on the on the display there I will show you as well
what can you customize and what can you not also I think you see it in my
previous test drive with the of eight you see there the navigation in
the middle and you can customize in many ways it’s much better than the previous
version great visibility on the windows around there and here have great great
visibility around the car so you don’t have to worry about that big windows
here in the middle we have this armrest that you can adjust it the way you
wanted also the same as the before version that was some space there where
you can put your stuff and then you have a twelve volt port right here and then
you have some cup holders in space in the middle then it comes with this our
electric handbrake a little hold of course then we have this stick for six
gears books as I told you before for this petrol engine with 130 horsepower
also I think it looks nice I wish it was a little bit smaller here is the
start/stop button in this model in this version basis version it comes with a
normal round button if you want to see the new button check out on my channel
the automatic where should come with other button also you have charging
wireless charging for phone to USB C port right here in the front amazing so
the car have four USB see then no or then here we have the button for the
climatic system for driving assist and for parking assist you will see it also
a little bit later but I’m surprised why they didn’t add any USB 2 port we have
only USB C port maybe because these new smartphones come with USB see this is
the future so anyway I like the way they integrate those vans right here they
look much much better than the previous version it looked much more fancy and
premium just like that then the glow box it’s big enough same as the previous
version LED light in the glow box they’re super nice I like that as well
and we have a speaker in the a-pillar right there integrated and then nice
nice usability on the back a nice big mirror up here then we have LED also up
here very simple here just the lighter just as weighs button something that I
hate it’s something that they take out this glasses support the previous
version have this glasses support right here I don’t know what you remember and
this new golf eight didn’t have it here so I wish it was there and I delight
with mirror handle I think this was the first this the only one complained that
I have on the car the glasses support out there other than that I love the new
things that the car come with so I can go I can pass the the thing with the
glasses so so here is the new key as well the new key much much more improve
it it’s look amazing like a glossy plastic look super super luxurious the
button you already see it right here the ambient light inside the car it’s a
little bit of blue bluish white blueish here is the cockpit the new cockpit you
can customize in many ways you can see the navigation you press this View
button and you have third the navigation you can choice the speed as you can see
here in the images guys also you can see the speed limit down there you can see
the consumption your choice to see you can customize in many ways right now I
think you have to you have here in the middle also the adaptive cruise control
and all the information about the adaptive cruise control and all that
stuff also if you wanna see more about this cockpit this new copy check out on
my channel there you can see it in in action when I Drive when I have the test
drive with the cove ATS I check it out on my channel I added a few few days ago
there you can see also the navigation the way it looks
while you’re driving so just to make an idea but right now I just want to show
you really short how can you customize and what you can
see it working what can you put in the right side what can you put in the left
side and also in the middle but it’s pretty awesome it’s very similar with
what you see on the new Audi you can have the map all over the screen or you
can have the map only in the middle you can add in the left side a lot of stuff
I consumption like kind of navigation you can see the speed limit and 200
meter speedometer and all that stuff so yeah just don’t want to go too much into
detail and all that you can control from those buttons right here on the steering
wheel it’s very simple to use it also here the new multimedia system is the
same as a tablet so you can you can use it only with the touchscreen so you
don’t have any other option so here you have the all the settings for say safety
settings where you can adjust and change it very simple at active cruise control
the way you want it sport profile and you can you can customize in many ways
just from here you can choice which one to activate which safety settings to dis
activate and it’s very simple you have this shortcut button right here then you
have the clima button on the clima button the problem is that you have to
adjust all the time with the touchscreen DePrima and this is something that yeah
for some people it’s not something very nice because many people prefer the
physical button for the climatic system and this time the vols organ golf come
with touchscreen buttons also for the climatic system the same as I have on Tesla so yeah it’s not very simple to to
adjust it but it is there you can get used with it in time here
have the shortcut button for the for the parking sensors and camera and all that
stuff if the car if your car have camera this car doesn’t have a camera reverse
camera doesn’t come with a reverse camera but you can take it as an option
of course so it’s very similar you have this main main button right there in the
middle it’s nice integrated here it look very
nice in my opinion from all the position and the colors are very nice
the resolution is nice the responsive it’s super super fast
it has a nice hardware and software behind it because it’s a very very
responsive every time you touch a button it is super responsive and that’s
something that I like very much also up here you have different information and
errors about car just just to see what it’s there then you have the time there
and then if you go here in the menu we will go in all that menu I will show you
everything the system systems you already see it then let me go up then
you have the yeah here are some information about the car but I just
need a little bit of time I think you need to to start an engine in order to
see that also we have the the sound system right here you can adjust it the
way you want it how you want is the sound to be and stuff like that the bass
equalizer and stuff like that so just don’t want to go into detail but I think
you get the point and then we have also the setup here you
have the setup of the car you can change the language for example there let me
put it in English because most of you want it always in English you’re gonna
understand better now we have the screen the time date on the screen you can
change in different sensors hand gesture because this screen come also with hand
gesture here you can change the miles kilometer
bars inside different settings of the car it’s very complex I have to tell you
this multimedia these settings of the car are very complex so you can change
almost everything you want inside this car also the car is connected to the
Wi-Fi view have an application the net app from walls logon where you can see
all the information on the phone about car that’s another cool stuff here the
background D here is something new that I want to show you something pretty cool
you can change the color on the cockpit from here and not only from the cockpit
but every time I change the color right there the cambian t’ color from interior
of the car it’s also changing so it’s something amazing this is something that
I like very much you can see now it’s red even in the back even here on the
dash it’s red in the night time you can see it better it looks super nice in the
night time and you can see it much much better also you can make it blue red you
can individualize customize the way you want it and this is pretty awesome I
like very much this screen so I will leave it like that it’s just relaxing
color this green whitish color it’s super super nice so anyway you can you
can choice whatever color you want and there’s some nice colors here but yeah
also here you can even see in the on the individual colors you can change which
color you want and customize it the way one for example this yellow look also
you know green combination I think in the night time you can see it much much
better so anyway yeah anyway guys the new
brightness settings see that the ambient light in the interior of the new goal
fade something new that they added and it’s pretty pretty awesome it’s come
close to the Mercedes whatever serious having nearly interior but yeah it’s
it’s not the same I still believe that Mercedes the new Mercedes at the best
interior ambient light the app here you can connect the Android auto apple
carplay and mirrorlink with the car this is very very good this
is very good at it connected and its work perfectly there here you have all
the information about the car I like the new the new software image I like how
many things you can change from here have here information modem mirrors for
example the headlight headlamps and then the tires and then the brakes so it’s
quite interesting those brakes have the ESC system activate is activate for the
way you wanted you can change it Center Loki have this nice visualization of the
car and you have all that settings that you can change also in the interior here
cockpit interior light eco tips and stuff like that it’s very complex they
add plenty of things that you need a lot of time to get used with them and and
customize them the way you want it start/stop system and service and
consumption are right here you can see so you can see ami kilometer you can
still drive the car and all that kind of information you have the navigation
telephone the radio the navigation didn’t want to load I don’t know why but
if you want to see the navigation check out all my other videos I have the test
drive with the golf 8 there you can see the navigation and the way it looks it’s
it’s awesome is the new navigation for balls organ it’s work perfectly no lag
it’s amazing and and in my opinion this is one of the best multimedia system on
the market today the navigation as well and also the new
little cockpit it’s one of the best so in this price guys I don’t think are
many cars out there to buy a new car with this price with this new multimedia
system in this new digital cockpit you don’t have this option so this is the
best best price tag for for this what this car can offer in in terms of
dashboard copied multimedia system and ambient light and safety settings safety
features and I think it is a great great car and it will still be a lot of car
sale in the future and I like it very much if you want to buy a goal you you
have to know that it will be always a good car and a real liable car and yeah
this is my impression anyway if you have question please feel free to ask me guys
and thank you again for watching my videos don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel also check out my other videos check out the test drive with a new goal
eight it’s on my channel a few days ago I added thank you again guys please
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