New project! 1951 Buick straight-8 engine needs to be rebuilt | Redline Update #28

Start of time lapse. (rock music) Hi, this is Davin with Hagerty and our Redline Rebuild Update. Now last time we were talking, I’m working on a 1950
five-window Chevy pickup with a Stovebolt-six. That project is still in process, but today, I’m over
here with a 1951 Buick. This is our Hagerty garage, and so this is a little
bit more behind the scenes, even relative to the
bigger picture of things that we do here at Hagerty. So, within our garage,
we have this ’51 Buick, and it’s going to go through
a complete transformation. So this was a barn-find vehicle that I found, actually, out at Hershey about seven years ago. It’s a ’51 Buick Super. It has the straight eight. The car, option-wise, is fairly loaded, so it has a power convertible
top, it has power seats. It is a bench, but it’s a power seat. It also has heated seats,
which is really interesting, or maybe not heated seats,
it has a floor-heat system, and, I mean, it’s a really cool car. Right now it looks like,
well nothing, probably, but it’s solid, for the most part. I mean, all these inners
are good and solid. The floor plan, of course,
has the normal issues, as far as rust. I mean, let’s face it, window
seals are not the greatest in general in the 50s, and now you put a drop-top
on it and they’re even worse. So you always have water, the carpeting soaks it up, it never dries, and you’re going to
have a rotted floorpan. But that’s something that the Hagerty garage here
is gonna take care of. My task is simply, simply
the straight-eight Buick. So this is where we starting today. I’m gonna grab Brett,
he’s gonna give me a hand. We’re gonna get this motor pulled out and get it over to our video
garage to do a Redline rebuild. (rock music) Yeah, right now, we just need
to hook the strap up to it, get the cherry picker in. The only thing that’s
holding it in right now is the front mounts. In fact, everything did this
a little bit with the back. – [Brett] No (mumbles). – Yeah, we gotta put a support underneath that brick of a transmission, because we don’t need
that thing just deciding to go to the floor. But otherwise, we are
that close really fast. Good thing, no fenders to work over. This is all right.
– All right, super easy. (rock music) – All right, motor is out. It is ready to move over to our shop. The motor was running,
so we’re not gonna do any of that type of stuff, but we are gonna completely tear it down and see what’s inside because you know you never know what you’re gonna find out until you get in there. But hey, in the meantime,
click and subscribe. We’ll see you back at the video garage. (bluesy rock music)