New Porsche Cayman GT4 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the Porsche Cayman GT4 2020 model it’s right here and I will review it for
you today I will go to the interior exterior and I try to show you as many
detail as possible I hope some of you will enjoy this video I tried to go into
detail and show you as many things as possible
first of all let’s start with the exterior of the car that I find it very
beautiful I think in my opinion this is most the most one of the most beautiful
Porsche I ever seen and also with this gorgeous color I find it really
interesting I love the front of the car this is my favorite the favorite part my
favorite part on this car the front part it is gorgeous really amazing the bumper
in the hood the lines in the front look gorgeous
even the grille there let me show you some information Porsche Cayman GT4 420 horsepower and we have here the option you can read it 20-inch rims from the
car 138 thousand francs dollars this is the price of the car brand new car and
here you can see all other details like consumption and stuff like that so yeah
now let’s go to the rims beautiful rims here you can see the brake calipers and
also the the holes inside there we have ventilated discs and us cross disks
there we have the brake caliper with Porsche there also the rims in yellow as
I told you before 20 inch rims you can see also on the tire right there and
then in the middle we have the GT 4 logo right there in the middle of the rims I
like this new design with the blinkers in the front there let me let me let me
open open up the blinkers and show you they are super nice I like the way the
Porsche I had it right there on the edges of the
wheel so they look super super luxurious in my opinion and also make the car look
much better and look look how beautiful it is this design of the LED and also in
the front we have another blinker right here where usually are the daylight here
the lady daylight is right there but when you’re blinking they change to
Brinker so you don’t you will not have the daylight in the same time really
beautiful design in my opinion it looks much much better like that in the
blinkers there than in the mirror also in the back in the back beautiful LED
the I like that the tiny tiny line you can see how skinny it is and it looks so
nice so powerful because LED these days are so powerful you don’t need to make a
big light there you just have to make it really fancy and tiny and really
beautiful and I find it really nice in my opinion looks super super nice all
right let me close it now and let’s go forward here’s the the mirror nice round
shape on the mirror a little bit of aerodynamic help the car when you make
this it is not his shape also other than that no camera there or LED in the
mirror let’s go in the front guys beautiful front I love the front of the
car you can see those lines there on the side and the way the air go through them
also the porch design of the front car it’s it’s gorgeous gorgeous really I
think it’s with this the way they do it it’s much beautiful than 911 in my
opinion I like it much more this front of the car and also you can see the logo
there beautiful here we have some plastic grille that the air can go
inside there actually and then get that plastic make also the
car look much better I don’t know but it’s make it look better then we have
these new LED lights from Porsche they’re with adaptive high beam and also
everything it’s LED there they look also nice the same shape as classic for
Porsche here we have to know water wipes the spring low water then we have this
plastic design here that also make very interesting the bumper and then the air
go here on the side and we have a radiator inside there so the air go to
the radiator and then go directly to the brake disc here the air go around the
car so they think about every detail to make this car a dynamic and not only I
already know me but really beautiful I like it very much I like this it’s front
car it’s super nice and then down there we have again some real GT for logo here
and then we have the air intakes directly right there in the front so you
can see it pretty cool really interesting then there is another
radiator where the air will go and it will filtrate the air anyway now you can
see the daylight the de LED light were usually was the blinkers also I find it
really nice with those rims called the rims they fit well here is the camera
and the raining sensors the camera up there it’s for the lane and system for
reading the speed limit traffic signs here is the the tank and here the
Porsche recommend that you only used the higher and petrol so high quality but
one of the expensive one so it doesn’t recommend you to use the cheaper one so
as an information so here I like also this design pretty interesting the way
they do it is right here it look nice it looks sporty you have the gt4 logo right
there on this side of the car and in the back we have the same story in the same
tires beautiful beautiful design also in the back the LED are gorgeous parking
sensors in the back four parking sensors in the back here’s some light reflectors
and then yeah that you see it before with the blinkers right there in the
middle just a line a short tiny line that it’s very powerful to exhaust pipes
and some plastic design diffuser down there mmm that make the car look super
sporty er reverse camera with LED light on the number plate porsche logo porsche
logo right there in the middle and yeah the spoiler guys that helped a lot to
our dynamic of the car helped to keep the car on the track really well on the
road great handling and i like also the design the way they do it here in the
back they did a great great job and up here you can see the same color on the
spoiler and yeah i don’t know you just tell me what you think about that i like
also this shape of the car up here you can see the way the air will go will
float around the car there they make this moose club body here in
the back it’s kind of really cool and the line the shape of the line it’s so
sharp and beautiful beautiful car I like it I like the design I like I like this
car a lot actually to be to be real with you and also we will go inside guys now
and I want to show you the interior I want to show you the trunk here around
the windows we have just kind of a plastic mat I stick around the
windows here you can also see it so anyway frameless windows of course
the handle are classic you know it from before Porsche models great quality on
the doors a lot of rubber and fantastic quality you will see it in the moment
here are the buttons to open the trunk and the Franck just from here you just
have to pull these buttons I will show you right now let me close also the
light and then when you press the button you can open up the trunk and see here
the way it opened pretty fancy up here an LED light that illuminated trunk in
the night and here you have some protection for the trunk of course let
go out automatic down there and you can see here how much space you have you
have like 30 centimeter there I have hooks here you have some space in the
left side there everywhere is fabric material soft here we have some
aluminium and then we have the protection when you’re driving so it has
to make has to put this metal bars there because it is for the protection in case
of an accident or something like that it’s make the car much more safer it’s
ass it’s a sport car so you need all that stuff in case of an accident at the
high speed so yeah other than that let me go in the front
guys let me show you the Franck actually I was really impressed at the
front it’s quite big you can see it right here the way it looks it’s really
big we have the triangle in the front but it’s super deep I was really really
impressed how deep is this this Franck right here it’s huge huge deep we have a
light here as well and you can its bigger than in the back so we can put
here in the front stuff kind of impressive and here you
have two other engine stuff like battery like brake fluid and yeah I think the
air filter it’s also there yeah not so sure but anyway this is the way they
array this this part of the engine right here so anyway let me go forward close
it Frank and let me go forward guys let me go inside now to show you the rest of
the car let me go to the doors a lot of good quality as I told you before a
leather white stitches on the door right here going a little bit down here we
have a speaker we have Alcantara right here everywhere in this middle part of
Canterbury we have a nice combination of leather with Alcantara these stitches
together they’re quite interesting here we can open up that and you can put some
some small stuff there the handle is really interesting it’s a
fabric material handle so you have to pull this you can see I can rock sack or
something like that and we have the buttons to open up the electric windows
and here we have the Bose speakers very good quality speakers and they are
fantastic I have to tell you and then here you have this small space where you
can put your stuff really fancy I find it pretty pretty fancy and really cool
the quality it’s gorgeous gt4 also logo here at the entrance in the car then we
have the seats that are amazing they they just blow my mind how good quality
we have carbon fiber on the back of the seat there maybe 80% made maybe more 80%
only carbon fiber and you can see the quality of the seeds they are so so
light then the quality is amazing and also here electric adjustable seats
really awesome you can see there how they
are made they’re really interesting Alcantara of course here you have the
manual adjustment and then you have the aluminum pedals also they look very nice
and something that impressed me down here we have only Alcantara guys and
then the electric handbrake and only Alcantara on the dashboard really
awesome here’s the place for the key and here we have the light controls then we
have some plastic here on the dashboard case and then yeah up there on the
dashboard leather with stitches but before that look at this protection here
in the back we have fabric material also the the seat you can see the gt4 logo up
here on the headrest then we have the carbon-fiber down there pretty awesome
quality you can look and see how nice it looks
also this leather with stitches side support in the middle are canta
fantastic quality really impressed with those sport seats and the quality of
them it’s it’s fantastic really poor just gorgeous quality they did a great
job here I’ll can’t are again combination Alcantara in the middle and
leather on the side you can see the white stitch is there pretty awesome and
then you still have a space here with an USB port right there space where you can
put your things then even down here it’s soft material
on the center console you have leather white stitches of course and then space
here in the middle let me go inside on the roof as well you have our cantar all
over the roof is just just this Alcantara gorgeous quality even on the
dashboard you don’t have so many plastic in this car most of the materials are
fantastic that’s really impressive I really like it I like
make amazing cars with great quality materials here is the adaptive cruise
control stick and even the steering wheel it’s in our qantara I love those
Alcantara steering wheels actually I wish I have it on my car it is it’s feel
awesome and also in the winter it’s gorgeous also here the design of the
steering wheel it’s awesome classic from Porsche Porsche and then down here have
also sticks and then in the front we have this classic the previous version
of the cockpit is not the newest this one that we have it on the 911 or on the
Panamera but other than that it is gorgeous look at the dashboard to create
quality the watch right there in the middle the classic watch the vents look
awesome great design and also here you can see you can open up that you have
two cup holders right here super fancy and very practical in my opinion they
save a lot of space here now going down Alcantara hold the glow box pretty
awesome to see that in a car and then some you can open up from here you have
kind of big glow box and never think about that and you have still an USB
port right there and left side down quite awesome really really interesting
so here in the middle guys is the multimedia system and then the center
console with the buttons with the different functions the noise for the
exhaust pipe the way the comfort the way you want to drive with the suspension
then here you have the GT 400 Alcantara here on the stick and then the manual
stick to change the gear because this car it’s a manual car this
version right here and then we have the AC controllers right there the buttons
and all that stuff and then also the buttons the shortcuts for the multimedia
system so from here you can change the settings on the multimedia system and
then you can see it’s not the newest this one multimedia system in the car I
like much more than newest what what 911 have or Panamera or the new Cayenne so
it’s kind of the old version of the multimedia system but it’s still very
good still much better than that then what you find in other cars for example
it has a great great resolution and great design also up here is the mirror
a pretty big good visibility in the back you can see it you can see the spoiler
right there in the back then we have some LED lights up here on the roof
pretty simple nothing complicated up there and then
here you have the mirror also a very simple no light
there the roof you already see it the dashboard you see it the multimedia
system you already know it from my other videos so I will not get too much into
detail so here we have two Porsche I like this Porsche Porsche logo here on
the understand will look really interesting in my opinion and also I
like the feeling in those seats there are great great quality sheet I really
love it I really really love it you can also adjust the steering wheel the way
you want it have many position in which you can adjust it and yeah what can I
say about the car a few words I love the exterior the exterior of the car it’s
gorgeous in the interior I like the Alcantara and all that leather and good
quality the seats are also phenomenal LED light exterior I love everything
about the exterior even the color it’s gorgeous the only
thing that I wish it was different in this in this gt4 is the multimedia
system I wish it has the newest this one but anyway guys I hope you enjoy it
please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos and thank you for
watching I hope it was helpful for you bye guys