New Opel Corsa 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back I’m right
here in Frankfurt at a a 2019 Auto Show and I have right here the new Opel Corsa
I was really curious to see this car we will start with our interior this time
we have some leather on the door here and the rest it’s plastic also the
speaker you can see down here a little storage space I have to tell you I’m
really impressed about this car it has good quality materials for example these
seats here are great electric seats with saving position and you can see the soft
material on the seats it’s gorgeous also side support those are some premium
seats I like them very much in the here we have a center armrest on leather as
well and a little bit of space there where you can put your stuff also two
cupholders in the middle then we have the electric handbrake and the driving
mode button for selecting driving modes also this man the automatic stick it’s
the same as on the page oh I think they have a collaboration and I like it very
much though this stick also a space there USB 12 volt port space to charge
your phone the interior look fabulous I like it very much they start now I think
the car company start now to make better and better cars for example this course
I look much better than an Opel Astra from previous model for example here the
buttons are simple nothing complicated I like this speaker here on the a-pillar
good quality on the roof handle I like this white roof very much mirror here
also without any light here it’s simple up here not in fancy just LED lights and
like that very good great job that you bring LED lights inside the cars this is
a good good step also you can see in the back
bit of blind spot there in the corners but the quality of the seats the
materials it’s gorgeous the doors quality is not so big but otherwise the
standards it’s super nice also the new digital cockpit you see it before I
think it’s almost the same like in the in the Opel Ampera
if you know the Opel Ampera electric the cockpit it’s almost the same you cannot
adjust any anything there in the front I think this is just look like that but I
like the steering wheel good quality also the buttons I liked a new digital
cockpit here are the buttons pretty simple plastic nothing fancy the screen
here it’s a matte screen touchscreen matte it’s not super responsive like you
were find in other cars but it’s ok it’s much better than previous models and
it’s kind of ok the visibility on him it’s not the best but it’s pretty good
pretty pretty good down here we have the climatic system you can also see it
nothing to comment about it because it’s simple but I don’t know this stick is
from Asia and now they put it here I like it very much I like this tape a lot
and the glove box is also quite big for a small car like that also the dashboard
it’s pretty nice I like the dashboard very much the band’s are simple and
clean also the dashboard it’s it’s pretty cool
the visibility it’s good yeah I like it I like those seats the seats are my
favorite really my favorite good visibility outside as well you can see
it mirrors are also nice we will go out and I’m sure the mirrors as well sorry
about the quality of the video guys and the fact that I move a lot because was
really complicated film here there are a lot of people that waiting and they
coming and it’s it’s not easy to film I will make
the video when the car would come in and my country here we have the chrome
design around the windows it looks super nice also I love the mirrors we have
blind spot there in the mirror also LED light on the mirrors finally Opel put
the LED on the mirrors usually Opel Astra and all that have the blinkers on
the body also I like the lines of the car lines this boiler up here with the
brake light there look fantastic the car the new Opel Corsa look gorgeous
I love the new Corsa I love the LED in the back here you can see this is kind
of the signature we have six parking sensors guys in the back quite amazing
also down here we have this plastic white plastic that looks so much sport
here and so much cooler and also help for our dynamic the rims are also
beautiful this red combination chrome with red Michelin tire 17-inch rims on
the small car they no wonder why they look so good on the car and also the
lines you can see the shapes and the lines on the side look fabulous also
even in the back here I like the design it’s not bad not bad Corsa the designer
was great was doing a great job I see the design here also we have the
back camera LED lights on the number plate here is the fog lights down there
in the middle and exhaust pipe and the bumper in the back look beautiful the
lines in the back look oh so nice on the side as well yeah it’s looking great
no no I don’t have to say nothing about car really looking good the starting
price of this car thirty thousand forty thousand euro this
is a great price this car in front of me cost twenty six thousand euro there are
some option about the car if you wanna really you can pause the video and read
it in the front as well six parking sensors this
really impressed me for a small car we have full LED light also down there the
front rudder you can see the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake
right here also the sensors on the grill there the front bumper down there’s 40
look the grill is the same almost they keep the grill but we have the new full
LED lamps with adaptive light you can see here it looks logo also gorgeous I
love it in my opinion they do a great job they did a great job with this car
and good quality in the interior nice design nice shapes yeah kind of good
quality for a small car like that much much better than the previous model also
the handles are cool and simple going inside big windows I think it’s good you
have good visibility we have plastic on the doors only here a little part it’s
it’s leather but otherwise it’s just plastic the doors are not like the level
of the design of all the level of the seats I wish it was a little bit
different the doors but the Seto seats leather seats are great I like them
anyway the roof it’s also it has a nice design you will see when I go there we
don’t have any center armrest here in the middle in the back in the middle
also the back of the front seat are also leather no plastic here in the middle
you can see you have a little step they’re not so big and two USB port very
very useful great job they did a great job with that USB ports right there I
want to show you that you can fold the seats also here in the back the
difference between the bigger car it’s dead when you fall down the seats you
don’t have a flat floor there opening the trunk that’s it simple nothing fancy
here plastic at the entrance and also you can take this
if you want we have like you don’t have a flat floor there
look here 50 centimeter deep trunk here and if I go under this you’ll still have
a lot of space there you can see you can put your repair kit and all that stuff
so the space in the trunk word for this kind compact car it’s great the space is
great the light in the trunk it’s good but you don’t have a flat floor this is
the disadvantage of the small car but if you don’t want to carry big items this
is a perfect car for the city and on my channel today or tomorrow it will come
another opel corsa the new Opel Corsa actually the new Opel Corsa electric
Corsa and you will see it it’s much better to drive an electric car than a
combustion engine car the space on the legs no complaining a lot of space up
here also I have three fingers two three fingers not so big space for the total
people in the middle but on the three people yeah it’s a small car maybe for
two people three people can stay here but not for long long trips also the the
space on my legs here you can see it’s enough space you cannot stretch your
legs but it’s not space for a small car it’s quite good also on the head four
fingers free four fingers there yeah not so big space on the head you cannot you
cannot have all everything the visibility’s yeah maybe a little bit of
blind spot here but it’s ok you cannot have everything you know that word but
in the front for the passenger for the driver the quality the dashboard a new
dashboard a new digital cockpit and multimedia system they are quite good
and I also liked it I liked the design there had almost my review guys I hope
you enjoy it I will go into detail when I get the car
I will make another review also with the new a course I check out on my channel
it will come next and I will come with great great new videos great new cars
that I will present you to already see it the new a course and it’s great I
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watching guys see you soon with the next video so bye guys you